The average Nigerian always expects their salary at the end of the month and when it doesn’t come as it should especially when there are urgent needs to be met, it is likely they go unattended to.

This is one of the reasons many people seek to apply for a quick loan to address their personal needs and other urgent needs.

Accessing loans in Nigeria can be frustrating because of the demand for collateral, high interest rate and other requirements which discourages many Nigerians from applying for a quick loan.

Most financial institutions in Nigeria do not make it stress free for their customers especially low income earners to request for a loan without collateral. Everyone who seeks for a loan wants the process to be speedy, convenient and accessible without any hindrances.

Some financial institutions takes a lot of time to approve loans of their customers and this can be time consuming because they will have to process your request for a loan which might take weeks before it can be approved but with the advent of the online space and upgrade in technology you can now get a loan without collateral, no stress or difficulty.

There are different online and offline Nigerian-based platforms that offer quick loans without collateral in less thanĀ  24 hours, platforms which are as follows;


Paylater is an easy to go platform that allows you apply for a loan with just a click away. You can get an instant loan for your urgent needs, business projects and other needs. Their services are fast, secure, reliable and works 24/7.


One of the major issues people always encounter in applying for loans without collateral is that they most times fall into the hands of fraudsters who takes their details and empty their bank account, other issues like delay in payment of the loan, giving excuses of the loan is not ready and so on.

But with Paylater, your quick loan is just a few clicks away.

No waiting times or stressful bank visits that can be annoying some times.

Paylater never disappoints in rendering their service and it’s available 24/7.

Paylater now made it easy by making you apply for a loan and complete transactions whenever and wherever you need it, right on your mobile device, you don’t need to go stand in a long queue waiting for the staff to attend to you.

The requirements for getting a loan with Paylater is stress free, no collateral, guarantors, or documents required, all you need is an Android device, a data connection, and a valid bank account.

Pay later designed an application that enables you sit at home with your mobile device e.g. Android phone which helps you get a quick loan by just clicking the icons necessary to get you the loan within 24hours.

With Paylater you don’t need to worry if you are still a student, salary earner or self-employed, Paylater loans can help you achieve your goals.

Paylater do not despise anyone applying for a loan, your application for a loan is just one click away.

So the action you need to take in getting a loan from Paylater now is first to download their application from Playstore and follow the instructions step by step in the application.


This is a scheme that focuses on making loans available to salary earners, the scheme is intended to help the customers meet their financial needs especially in times of emergency.

The Executive Director, Personal Banking, Access Bank, Victor Etuokwu recently said, the scheme is not just for customers with Access bank account alone but also for hardworking salary earners to obtain instant loans without a guarantor or stress.

Using the following code number on your mobile device, you can apply for the PayDay loan instantly when you provide the required information.

All you need is to get their application from Google playstore and follow the instructions inside then you apply for your loan.

  1. ALAT Loans is another scheme of Wema Bank that afford Nigerians to apply for quick loans up to #200,000 within 10 minutes.

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