It has been said that content is king. Quality content can deliver ranking, traffic and sales. Writing article is an evergreen niche and a lot of money to be made. Obviously quality of article you write is what matters for you to make money. Anyway, there are score of places online that pays you to write articles. One thing needed to be kept in mind is that article writing business is immensely competitive and only good and dedicated writers can survive the competition. Patience and perseverance is the key.

Sites that pay money to authors can be divided into four categories. They are:

Job Bidding Sites
Gig Sites
Web 2.0 sites
Review Sites
Guest Post sites

Job Bidding Sites

Job bidding sites are truly freelancing sites and payouts there are the highest. The process in these sites is like this. Buyers needing content submit a project, freelancers bid on them, and the buyer chooses one. Some of such jobs bidding sites are oDesk, Elance, Guru, Some of the sites will test your writing skill before are accepted as a freelancer. The initial phase is most difficult as you have to establish credibility first. Writers are graded in terms of feedback they get and number of projects completed so far. Since you are just a beginner you have to work really hard to establish yourself. Keep your price nominal and quality of the content high.

Gig Sites:

Gig sites have become a lot of popular among article writers because of quick money plus less tasking work. The most well-known gig sites are Fiverr, Gigbucks and SEOClerks. These sites usually pay $4 per article but can be more if you use the “Extras” module. One advantage of gig sites is that they get very high traffic and this means higher visibility of your listing.

Web 2.0 sites
Web 2.0 sites have become popular of late. Many are making thousands of dollars every month on sites like Hubpages, Bubblews, Squidoo, Helium. These sites don’t pay you for writing article. Rather they share some of advertisement revenue with you generated by using your contents. It requires few dedicated months to establish yourself on these platforms. A downside of Web 2.0 sites is those major portions of the traffic they receive are from their own community.

Review Sites
There are websites that pay you to write reviews and post it on your blog for their advertisers. In order to make money with this method you need to have blog of your own and it needs to have descent traffic. Here is the list of most well know sites.
Payperpst: Paypersite is a website that connects advertisers and blogger. You have to review or give opinion about their products/services and publish the same on your site. Your write-up need to be of high quality. You have to get it approved by the site before you can publish it on your site.

ReviewMe: This is another well-known website that pays to bloggers to review products and services on their blogs. It is unique in that it gives you control to what to review. You just have to register a free account, enter the marketplace and sell your reviews to the clients. Depending upon the quality payments are usually between US $20 to US $200. You must have come across this site. This site rank very high on search engine. The site looks for experts with experience, who can produce quality content in the area of their expertise. Writers are very well paid for this service but getting accepted into the site is somewhat difficult.,, and are other well know sites that pay for opinions and reviews.

Guest Posting Sites

People know guest posting as a way to drive traffic to their sites but few know that there are some sites that pay handsomely for quality articles. Depending upon quality payment can be US $100 upward. Here are selected sites for guest posting opportunities for money. is a network that brings marketers and bloggers together. The site accepts high quality guest post and compensates the author with at least $100, which can go upward up to $250. Originality and uniqueness is the main criteria for acceptance. is a hugely popular website that covers multiple niches like entrainment, politics, business, daily news etc. You need to perfectly observe the article requirement prescribed by They pay more than US $100 for each accepted submission.
Developer Tutorials is a programming related website and it accepts articles from writers who have in depth knowledge of programming like Java, php, CSS, Ajax, photoshop etc. You have to write articles of at least 1000 words with appropriate illustrations and screenshot
Listverse is a top ten ranking website with huge traffic. It pays US $100 for each accepted article. Articles need to be of minimum 1000 words and be written in simple but correct English.

It is to be remembered that writing article is a very competitive niche. You ideally should possess good English writing skill to earn consistent income.

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