VoguePay is a Nigerian company that does online payments and it is mainly for individuals and small businesses. The company is an indigenous company that makes transactions fast and easy for individuals, small businesses and the Nigerian economy in general.

How Can You Make Use Of VoguePay?

You have to first do the necessary registrations before you can make use of VoguePay. Take the following steps:

  • Sign up

Visit the website www.voguepay.com and open an account by signing up. When the page for registration opens, you will see two options and you choose. The first option is personal account and the second is the business account. It is preferable to choose business membership type of account since it gives you access to much card categories.

After you have created this account, you will get an activation link inside your email. Click it to complete your account registration. After this, the account becomes available inside the sandbox.

What Then Is Sandbox Environment In VoguePay?

This environment let’s you test the platform and this is without handling any transactions. You can also go to the extensions and plugins and do some testing. There is support for many integration methods using third parties. Do a download and installations and get the ones matching your website. Also do the verification of your account and then it becomes live.

          Verifying your phone number and account :

  •  This is not necessary for personal account except that you will need to do your phone number verification.
  •  Do your business verification using certain procedures and they are by:

i) Funding your account

ii) Uploading required documents for verification

iii) Obtain feedback on your verification status

What Are The Advantages Of Using VoguePay?

1) Reduction in transaction fees with VoguePay

VoguePay let’s their users save money and they offer the lowest transaction fees. Other payment platforms do charge more than what VoguePay charges and this is among the advantages of VoguePay.

2) Obtain integration of payment without the use of writing codes

You can utilize the extensions and plugins and this does the configuration of the option for payments. Integration without code is among the advantages of VoguePay.

3) Empower your networks to your marketing

You can do your affiliate recruitment and this is by revenue splitting. Also do the configuration of the commission and you can send this to your affiliate account. You can also do this directly for your dashboard.

4) Offer better ways for your customers to do online payments

You tend to gain more sales and this is by offering customers simple, faster and better ways of making online payments. These multiple options can function and this is whether you have or don’t have a website.

5) VoguePay offers some back office tools for support and this is free

There is access to multiple services and you can get access to analytics tools and back off business items. This is also for free.

6) Promotes startup and small businesses

VoguePay enables small businesses and startups to receive payments for their services. This encourages individuals, businesses and promotes the Nigerian economy.

7) Receive international payments in local currency

You can receive international payments and get them in the local Nigerian Naira currency.


VoguePay won the 2016 award of the ‘Best Emerging Online Payment Platform In Africa’. The award was held in 2016 during the African Information Technology Awards (AITTA) in Ghana and this is a Nigerian company.

This is an example for many Nigerian online startups and online businesses and their services are well recognized outside Nigeria. Online payment have come to stay in Nigeria and VoguePay is among the best platforms.

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