Achieving a profitable and successful forex trading system could be difficult and sometimes frustrating. The forex market is so unpredictable that traders need to understand the various events that happens throughout their trading history.

This is important so as to understand the structure and dynamism of their trading history. This leads us to forex statistics.

The statistics of a trading system offers us a whole lot of information about the trading history of that system. A profitable trading system would only appeal to a trader or an investor when its statistics are made available globally.

The detailed statistics would give us more light as to important success factors a good trading system or strategy must possess.

These important factors should include:

Absolute drawdown

Average Pips per Trade

Average Loss per trade

Total profits

Total pips made

Winning percentage

Losing percentage

Max. Open trades

Best trades

Worst Trades

Average Trade duration

Max. daily trade

Minimum Account capital


And many more

There are lots of forex websites where traders and investors can visit to get the detailed statistics of various trading systems and strategies.

One important website where you can find and analyze various forex trading systems and strategies is

Myfxbook is a forex community and a free service for forex traders enabling you to analyze your forex trading account, share your trades, publish your statement, and improve your trading skills.

Another wonderful website for getting detailed trading statistics is

Have a wonderful trading year.



  1. this new market that is expanding the network makes strategies abound and therefore also how to perform these types of transactions can be re risky if you do not have appropriate strategies and tools for this purpose

  2. Hence, forex news is essential in keeping traders updated.

    so for your success always choose the best and proven forex trading system.

    So the major advantage with forex system is that they provide you with buy and sell signals within minutes and
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