The commodity pair has continue to fluctuate around 0.8190/0.8140 since last Friday even as uncertainty continue to build up around the pair.

Serious spikes has been seen on the pair with large volatile candlesticks appearing on the pairs 30m & 1h mt4 chart. The pair also look directionless on its daily chart for the last 7 trading days.

Though varied fundamental news would be out later today, especially from Europe & US, they still may not carry enough market force to forge a specific trend for the pair in the next coming days.

Our advise at forextrading23 would be for investors to avoid trading on the pair until more concrete directional movements are seen on the pair’s trend.

At the moment (10.09 GMT + 1), the pair is currently quoting 0.8148 with immediate resistance located at 0.8171, 0.8181, 0.8190 while supports could be found at 0.8140, 0.8130


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