The code for UBA mobile transfer enables transactions to take place swiftly and this can be through USSD or SMS. You can make use of this code from any location. The bank UBA is among the most credible and oldest Nigerian banks and this transfer code can do many transactions.

What Is UBA Mobile Transfer USSD Code?

The UBA Mobile Transfer USSD Code consists of certain codes that lets customers move money from either UBA to UBA or UBA to other banks. Doing this does not actually require web connection and the code is *919#.

What Is The Requirement For Using The UBA Mobile Transfer USSD Code?

You should ensure that you register and get a PIN code from the bank for making mobile transactions and this is before using this code. The phone number however has automatic activation and works well on Airtel, Glo, Etisalat and MTN.

What Can You Do With The UBA Mobile Transfer USSD Code?

The USSD mobile transfer code of UBA which is *919# enables you to do the following:

  • Do bill payments
  • Purchase airtime
  • Open an account with UBA
  • Move funds from UBA to other banks and into UBA
  • Gain access towards a mini statement.

How Can You Do Money Transfer With This Code?

Take the following steps to do money transfer:

  1. a) Input and dial the code *919# on your mobile device. A dialogue will pop up and this consists of many operation categories. You will see an option telling you welcome.

There are also options like open account, check balance, send money and pay bills. These options have listing numbers and the no 5 is for sending money. You now select no 5 and another dialogue box pops up.

  1. b) The options for this second dialogue box include choosing of the method of payment. These methods include UBA Prepaid card and UBA account and they have numbering.
  2. c) Now if you don’t registrations and you want to proceed, click sign up. You can also proceed with the steps that are remaining.
  3. d) Use the commands and prompts coming out on the screen and this gives a complete transfer.

Making Direct Transactions With The UBA Mobile Transfer Code

The following codes can do direct money transfer:

  1. a) Transferring money to an account of UBA

Dial the code *919*# and proceed with the screen instruction.

  1. b) Transferring money to other Nigerian banks

*919*4# and proceed with the screen instructions.

Purchasing Airtime With This Code

You can make use of this code for recharging and purchasing airtime. This airtime purchase is directly from your account and you can purchase for friends and family.

  • For your airtime dial the code ‘*919*amount of airtime# and for a third party code dial the code *919*phone number*amount of airtime#

Checking UBA Account Balance Using Your Mobile Device

You can check the balance on your UBA account and the code is *919*00#. Once you do this your balance will come out on the screen.

Transfer With The UBA Transfer Code With UBA Application For Mobile

Transfer of funds is also possible with the mobile application and this is for your smartphone.


Now if your phone number is no longer valid and you need to transfer. Contact the bank and update your phone number. For help in using this code call 01-2808822 or contact [email protected]

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