The UBA Africard is a prepaid debit visacard issued by the United Bank for Africa Plc. Over the years, UBA Africard is grown to become one of the most popular types of bank cards in Nigeria that can be used for online and international payments.

UBA Africard is very popular among internet marketers and freelancers in Nigeria, as the card has a nice feature that allows it to receive payment from abroad, just like a wallet. Online freelancers have found Africard very useful in withdrawing their earnings to the card. Online shoppers and international travellers have also used UBA Africard to make payment anywhere Visa is accepted.

Nigerian users of foreign PayPal accounts also use UBA Africard to verify their PayPal accounts and remove limitations from their account. This works well with UAE PayPal account. Apart from using Africard to verify your PayPal account, you can also withdraw funds from your PayPal account to your UBA Africard and PayPal would credit your card with your withdrawn funds in 1-2 days.

How to Apply For UBA Africard

Walk into any UBA branch nearest to you and request that you want to apply for the UBA dollar Africard. You would be required to provide your ID card such as Driver’s License or National ID card or Nigerian Passport. They will also require you provide a copy of your recent utility bill in order to verify your provided address.

Once these required documents are provided, the prepaid card would be instantly issued to you. Yes, the card is an instantly issued card. Although some UBA branches may not have instantly issued cards in their stock by the time a customer applies for it. But you can easily walk into another UBA branch and ask if they would instantly issue the card to you. Worse case is that you would be told to come back for your card in 2-3 days after you apply for it.

How to Activate your UBA Africard

Once you have been issued with your card, you would be required to activate it inside the bank by making a deposit of 50USD to the card. Once you deposit the said amount, your card would be activated instantly and ready for us. You would also be required to change the PIN that came with your new Africard to your private PIN.

How to Login to UBA Africard Portal

The portal to login and view your Africard account dashboard is at

After the page loads fully, you would be required to first log in with your 4 digit passcode that came with your new card. This step is required so you can set up your own personal account profile on the Africard portal. After your account setup is complete, you can then do subsequent logins with your username and password.

Inside your Africard account, you can view your card balance, and account statement. You can also make instant card to card transfer to another Africard user. See a photo of my UBA Africard account below.

Have you gotten your UBA prepaid Africard? Are you using it to send and receive payments?

Let me know your experience.

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