A Freelancer is a person who is not ties down to a commitment or contract to a particular employer. A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers labor or skill to people to work on a specific job and get paid. One of the places where you can get job offers as a freelancer is on freelance websites. These freelance websites creates a platform where you get to meet people interested in freelancing services in your profession or field and offer service for your skills. Freelancing websites creates an environment in which freelancers create awareness about their various skills and they get connected and approached by the persons and organizations who are in need of that service. It could be like graphics design, video editing and animation, video scripting, digital and social media marketing, writing etc.

Popular freelancing websites which serve as an online marketplace for freelancers in the world are Fiverr, Upwork, iWriter, Freelancing.com, but in this article, I will show you the top Nigerian freelance paying websites which you can go to look for jobs anytime.

  1. Justfrom5k: Just from 5k is a website for freelancers, errands and online jobs. There are different categories in which you can find gigs and tasks on Justfrom5k. Categories and tasks on the platform exist for Web design, Blogger Employment, Fashion Designer, Writer, Developers, Digital Marketers, Developers etc. After creating your profile and selecting a category where you are skilled at. Just like other freelancers on the website, you will have to place your bid for a project like WordPress Design N25,000. This bid and that of other freelancers will be viewed by the persons in need of this service and you can get selected.
  2. Asuqu: This is a marketplace for hiring freelancers and buying freelancing services in Nigeria. It has services such as sales and marketing, content creation and marketing, graphic design, writing, software and technology. Generally, it is being positioned as a brand that focuses on SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) business.
  3. hWriter: hWriters is another freelancing website in Nigeria. Unlike other freelancing websites, hWriters is a niche website strictly made for writing. If you happen to be a good writer who can write articles without plagiarism, hWriters is the best place for you to be in. They have zero tolerance for plagiarism, once you are a writer on the platform, you will be given a dashboard where you can see a list of topics, you pick any topic that hasnt been chosen, write on it and send your articles in a .docx file. Any article you pick had a deadline and a specification. It could be an article of 1500 words which is needed and a 24 hours deadline submission. There is no minimum amount for withdrawal of earnings, when you feel like withdrawing your funds, add your bank details in your earnings tab and click on withdrawal, you will receive your earnings without reduction/
  4. JoLancer: Jo-lancer is another platform for Nigerian freelancers to try out. At Jolancer, project owners (clients) go in search of freelancers for their various projects and they only search for the ones who they see as qualified for the job. After registering on the platform and opening a profile, you will have to post a service with your bid (price), after that, a client will contact you, you will be allowed to communicate with the client. After negotiations, you proceed to do the job and deliver it to the client. The client reviews your job, and if accepted, you get paid. The good thing about Jolancer is that if your work is good, you have a good chance of working full-time or being selected for a job in your client’s company.

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