Freelancing has become a preferred source of income for many Nigerians because of the comfort of working from home. There are many freelance websites on the internet, but not all accepts and allows Nigerians to join their community. For those Nigerians interested in Freelancing, below is a list of top freelancing websites that you will have no problem using as a Nigerian;

First on our list is, Founded in 2010, it is one of the easiest freelance website to register with in Nigeria as Nigerians can receive payments easily on Fiverr. The lowest pay for each job on Fiverr is $5 and the booking is normally on an hourly basis. Although it is a crowded freelance marketplace, it has a good platform for you to sell your services.

Upwork was known as Elance-oDesk until 2015. It currently boasts of over a million customers. For Nigerians, Upwork is a good freelance website to start a freelance career. With Upwork, Nigerians can receive payments even directly into your bank accounts. Upwork accepts freelancers of every category which may include; Sales Experts,
Designers, Consultants, Developers and many more. Also in Upwork, you can be hired for Short-term, Long-term or Recurring contracts.

Toptal is another freelance website that fits in well for Nigerian. Although they are a bit selective on the kind of jobs you can get and your level of professionalism, it is still easy for Nigerians to register and it allows them to receive payments. Toptal has a track of all freelancers to see who is performing well or not, and so you must be really experienced in your specialized field to make it on Toptal.

Popularly known to be a den of talented designers, 99designs has proven to be reliable for freelancers in Nigeria. It was founded in Australia in 2008 and has since then grown to be a global community of professional designers. If you are really good in designing and have an interest in freelancing, 99designs is the right website for you.

Freelancer is a freelance website similar to Upwork, it offers a good experience for freelancers and it is one of the widely used freelance websites in Nigeria. You get to bid for jobs posted, if accepted, you do your job and get paid. You can also earn extra money by involving in regular contests being posted on the site.

These above listed websites are freelancing websites you guaranteed of earning if you have seriously concluded to become a freelancer!

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