Virtual card is usually referred to as prepaid credit card. It is a card that allows you to stack funds directly from your bank account into your Virtual Credit Card account for secure online transactions. With technological advancement creating a better platform to perform tasks. Virtual card payment has become a better option for e-transactions. Its benefit can neither be understated nor overstated having eliminated cases of underpayment or overpayment, the diminution of time consumed, implemented fast transaction payments, reduced fraud, and also created a platform that enables you to be preset the minimum and maximum credit to be allowed.

Let’s educate ourselves on the ten best virtual card providers.

  1. EntroPay: This is a top-rated provider of virtual credit cards. Its virtual credit card has no charge on it, being that it is free. The fee you are charged for is based on the transactions you make. Creating an account with entropay is very easy and fast, all they require from you is an upload of your address proof which is verified within a day. EntroPay also allows you to add funds onto your Entropay account directly from your bank account.
  2. Payoneer: It is a company that offers financial services like the provision of cash for transactions that are performed digitally. Payoneer gives you an e-wallet or prepaid MasterCard that can be made used of online. Their charges to users are very cheap that they gift you a free account which can send and receive money online.
  3. Neteller Virtual Credit Card: Nettletter offers MasterCard that can be used as a Virtual Credit Card which can be used for your online transaction. Their account is also cost-free, and you are only charged on the transactional basis. In fact, it tops the list of alternatives to PayPal.
  4. American Express: This is also one of the best as it offers a wide range of digital banking service. Its virtual card could be used to shop online, pay for hosting among others.
  5. American Express: This virtual credit card provider help you get a virtual credit card without stress. The card provided can be used to pay for diverse services including online shopping alongside others.
  6. Bank Freedom: Though not that popular, you dare not overlook its quality and effectiveness that enable the small-scale business owners and entrepreneurs manage their business effortlessly.
  7. HDFC Bank Virtual credit card: This provider offers credit cards ranging from Visa, master and debit cards free. Her virtual credit card it provides to her customers is an outstanding class to all online user irrespective of their category.
  8. WallmartMoney Card: This virtual credit card provider operates mainly in the US soils. They offer prepaid credit card and visa debit card that can function for the different purpose be it online shopping, money transfer and so much more.
  9. ICIC Bank Virtual Credit Card: This is a very famous banking house that has gained ground internationally. Since you have an account with them, then you can acquire your virtual credit card devoid of any trouble.
  10. Netspend: This credit card provider functioning since 1999 is well-liked in the US soil being that it is for US residents. It provides prepaid cards such as visa debit and a master card that is capable of providing processing and marketing services.

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