After practicing with demo account for a substantial period of time, the next level is to open a live trading account which is
a practical stage that will involve trading with real money. Afterwards, you can withdraw your profits or forgo your losses.
There are three stress-less stages you will go through to open your instaforex account. The first stage will request for your email address, while you will need to submit your personal details (name, address, age, phone number) at the second stage.  The third stage is where you put the leverage, server, Affiliate code, among others.

Instaforex has authorized agents in many countries of the world. These agents have the capacity to fund and withdraw
easily for their esteemed customers via their local currencies. All the authorized instaforex agents have a unique code to identify them.

Operating an instaforex account that is opened under a designated agent would give you an advantage to fund your
account at a lower rate than a trader who did not use the affiliate code. The agents would be able to relate with the
customers more closely than the head office in Russia. They also have traceable offices you can visit in order to avoid

MyTopexchange is an authorised and a well known Instaforex agent located in Lagos, Nigeria. Our instaforex fundings and withdrawals are very easy. Our Instaforex affiliate Code is DPUN.  Always remember to use the code when you want to open your instaforex account.

You can call us on 08167485652  for more information. 


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