If you are embarking on international business transaction, you will definitely require an effective and convenient way to receive payment from the diaspora. There are numerous well known international money transfer service in Nigeria which include MoneyGram, Western Union Transfer and host of others but a lot of people are not aware of RIA Money Transfer Services.

RIA Transfer Service is one of the largest money transfer agencies in the globe that comes with myriads of benefits for Nigerians. When you compare this transfer agency with others, you will discover that it comes with numerous benefits especially for Nigerians.
It enables you to transfer money into your bank account directly from more than 137 countries in the world. Your presence is not required at the counter to redeem your fund because it gets deposited into account specified by the person that sent the fund.
Also, you can make use of this money transfer service if you are living abroad and desire to save some money in account in Nigeria. You can also receive your money over the counter if you don’t have a bank account.

Steps Required to Send Money to Nigeria Through RIA Money Transfer

Here are the steps you need to take for you to send funds to Nigeria through RIA money transfer:
⦁ Do the online Registration
Before you can send money via this medium, you must have an account with them. Therefore, the first step you need to take is go online and register on RIA platform for present and future transfer of money. The RIA online price calculator will update you with the current exchange range, making you to know the amount you want to send.
⦁ Choose a Payment method
Here are the options available – credit card, debit card, or your bank account.
⦁ Decide on the delivery method
There are two delivery methods, either you choose a cash pick up location or the money gets deposited directly into the recipient account in Nigeria.
⦁ Receive Transaction Details
Once you have supplied all information needed and the money has been transferred, you might be given a pin that your recipient must tender before paying him/her.
⦁ Track Your Transfer
There is Tracking button that allows you know the status of your transfer. You will find the tracking button on RIA website.

How do You Receive Money from RIA Cash Points in Nigeria?
It is very easy to receive funds from any RIA cash points in Nigeria. And, RIA cash point are not scarce, they have cash points in the majority of Nigerian banks. You will receive your funds in these banks when go there within their working hours.
Some of things you will be asked to present are as follows:
⦁ Proof of identification which could be your Voter’s card, Nigerian National Identity card, Driver’s license or International passport.
⦁ The Pin from the sender
⦁ The details of the amount you want to collect
⦁ The name of the sender
⦁ The country of origin of the sender
You would receive your funds if you can present all the above information correctly.

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