The Federal Government introduced the Remita Payment system few years ago to facilitate the effectiveness of the treasury single account. The treasury single account was a measure put forward by federal government to check misappropriation of public fund. It is worthy to mention that the treasury single account has lived to expectation and it has really help to improve Nigeria’s economy.

The Remita payment system is an effective online payment system that is well known in the Fintech industry.  Within a very short time of Remita payment system in Nigeria, it has made huge impact on the economy of Nigeria. This effectiveness as a means of payment has really earned the Remita system of payment in Nigeria popularity. I will explain in this article some facts that you need to know about the effective remita payment system in Nigeria. Below are some basic facts about the Remita system of payment.

  • Remita is the most secure mode of payment

Remita helps you to pay into government account without any fear of diversion of fund at one point or the other. Therefore you can now pay your levies, taxes and tariff easily with the help of the Remita payment method. I will like to add here that remita payment system help your money reach the government without any delay therefore, the fear missing deadlines is eliminated.

  • Remita has won multiple awards.

Remita has won a handful of award due to its effectiveness as good payment platform. The remita won the outstanding public service product award in 2012; also, it also received a great recognition at the NITMA award as the software solution that is most outstanding.

  • Remita has been approved by the government.

The remita payment system is recognized by the government.  In fact, it is used by government and all other organization as a means of transaction that worth millions of Naira. Therefore, any individual using remita should not doubt its reliability because it has the full backing of the government.

How you can use Remita to make an online payment

  • Log on to the Remita website and click the button that will direct you to pay to Federal Government agency.
  • Type the beneficiary name in the space provided. The beneficiary is the organization you are paying into.
  • Select the name of service and give the reason why you are making payment on Remita.
  • Describe the reason you are making payment.
  • Type your full name
  • Type your email address
  • Type your phone number
  • Then, enter the key character to complete the security capctcha
  • Finally you can now make your payment.

How to generate a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)

Remita retrieval Reference comes immediately after the payment is made. You will be redirected to the invoice page to create your Remita Retrieval Reference.

The Remita retrieval code will be issued to you due to the steps completed above. The option to make your payment will be seen on the RRR invoice page. The payment methods are listed below:

  • Bank Branch; This gives you the opportunity of taking the transaction receipt to your bank for payment.
  • Cards or Wallet; this option gives you the privilege to pay using your ATM card of your preference.
  • Internet Banking; This afford you the ease of payment using the internet banking platform.

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