Beginning a blogging adventure on a popular and lucrative niche is like having good chances of making money. Many bloggers out there are making their revenue by selecting a perfect niche. A good example is Linda Ikeji, who make a steady income from her blogging niche – entertainment, celebrity gossips and breaking news.

Selecting an appropriate niche is very critical to a successful blogging business. A beginner blogger who makes the mistake of selecting the wrong niche could face problems that may lead to failure while blogging.

Before you begin writing, you must be certain of the perfect niche to begin with. The key step in blogging is trying to find out what your readers would require from your blog.

Health and fitness Niche
A health blog can cover various health related topic such as weight, digest, disease, and nutrition, analysis about business of health research and health. Health and fitness topics are one of the most profitable niche list.

You can create a blog on Health Education Platform, where users comment on various health topics and issues within quality guidelines. Most popular health blogs are usually interactive, linking with its readers in the posting of various content.
Lucrative sub-niches on health and fitness includes:
Disease and disorder
Weight loss/ diet
Training and exercise
Nutrition and food
Blogging, Internet Tutorials Niche
A tutorial is an amazing way of sharing or transferring knowledge and may be used as part of a learning process. Blogging on Internet and Computer tutorial niche will be an amazing blog to support our readers. Most bloggers are facing various issues with their blogs. Issues like WordPress installation, Blogspot, Web hosting, HTML, scripts, widgets, SEO, writing gadgets etc. These important tutorials will help for many upcoming new bloggers who select blogging as their passion.

Technology Niche
Technology and ICT are changing the world at an unbelievable rate. This niche can offer what generally people go towards what they are looking for the technology trend. This technology niche presents the firms that have specialized in producing the gadgets.
By giving the helpful detail about new gadgets and new tech tips in this niche can truly support for those who truly want to know about new innovations occurring in the technology.

Business and Money niche
Business and make money online blogs may be few in numbers but will be useful for other upcoming entrepreneurs. Blogging on this topic involves teaching how to make money from various online or offline businesses in different ways. Investing your time and research on this niche could be on of the best decisions you would ever take.

Other profitable niches you can blog on include: education and university news, jobs and vacancies, sports and football, forex trading

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