Since the introduction of online FOREX trading in Nigeria during late 2006 stroke early 2007, there seem to have been a positive change and impact in the future of youths pertaining to unemployment issues in the country by providing job security and clearing out the streets from job-seekers all over city.  Gone were the days, whereby you need to acquire a degree before you can earn a standard living, FOREX trading has changed it all. This monopoly approach of earning a living in the country has been for decades till Online FOREX trading was launched into the Nigerian system.



Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands of graduates being produced from various universities and polytechnics year in year out. After these graduates complete their Service program, they end up finding it difficult to get promising jobs and after getting frustrated some go into illegal means of acquiring wealth and riches. I do not put all the blame on them as our government also has their negative role to play in this issue.


Anyways I still believe you must not wait for the government to make provision for all things for us as citizen, I believe we can make things happen in our lives by ourselves. Online FOREX trading is a lucrative business if well understood and adequate skill is obtained to venture into it. A lot of Nigerian youths are now self-employed due to the availability of Online FOREX and this has made an immense contribution to the lives of Nigerian youths positively. I know a lot of people who pay their bills and also fend for their loved ones via Online FOREX trading.


Even at this, I was shocked and surprised on the recent stampede crisis that occurred recently in the nation claiming lives and rendering some people severely injured during a recruitment test by the Nigeria Immigrations Service (NIS) last month. I was really sad and said to me ‘If only this people knew about Online FOREX trading, this wouldn’t have happened to them’. The huge crowds at the various recruitment centers all over Nigeria were not a strange development, considering Nigeria’s unimpressive unemployment statistics.


In 2011, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) put the country’s unemployment rate at 23.9%. However, industry analysts believe that not only is the true unemployment figure far higher but that the rise in the rate of unemployment over the last three years has been deliberately underestimated by the Nigerian government to paint a rosy picture of economic recovery. I believe this poor unemployment statistics would have even been worse if not for the introduction of Online FOREX trading.


It would be a great opportunity if unemployed graduates or undergraduates can consider venturing into online businesses like Online FOREX trading, Stock trading, binary options etc. Investment in this area is not expensive; all that is needed are: a computer system, Internet connection, power (electricity), bank account, training and age requirement of above 18 years. It is an employment without border as it can be done anywhere in the world provided Internet connection is available on trading device.


Careers opportunities here comprise being a trader, fund manager, trainer, market analyst, introducing brokers, representatives and among others. Government needs to come in to partner with online investment or business professionals towards developing our youths and preparing them to be self-reliant in future.


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