In this computer age, a lot of businesses and brands have shifted and moved their business direction from the normal physical market (buyer to seller interaction) or store to having their businesses online. Nowadays, you don’t need to see face to face with a buyer before selling your product. All you have to do is to integrate a payment gateway to your website. This will enable your clients, buyers and customers to buy whatever product they want to purchase from your store at any point in time.

A payment gateway is an online processor which makes business transactions, initiates feedback and responses if a transaction is successful or not. E-Commerce stores and outlets in Nigeria such as Jumia, Konga, Yudala, Payporte uses different payment gateways on their respective websites as an online medium in which customers can pay for goods and services. Apart from e-commerce websites, schools, government offices, banks, Forex brokers, telecommunication companies, betting companies and others makes use of payment gateway on their website.

If you are into Online business such as affiliate marketing, digital marketing, information marketing, blogging etc; there is need for you to have a payment gateway on your website. The reason is quite numerous if you’d ask me. A payment gateway improves your business by making it efficient and clinical in business transaction. The reason is that it facilitates business transactions; if a product like a Web hosting package is needed in the case of an emergency, the buyer may not have the time or opportunity to visit the bank, but with the aid of a payment gateway on a website, he pays for the service or product.

Another reason why you need a payment gateway is to accept payments. A lot of Nigerian entrepreneurs, business owners and online marketers find it hard to receive their payments or earnings from international locations. The procedure for receiving money from international locations is quite cumbersome, you need a payment gateway on your website to help reduce the workload of looking for means to receive money from your clients, especially those who are abroad. In addition, the case of Nigerians being banned by Paypal (payment gateway) is another reason why you need to get other alternatives to receive money on your website.

If you are contemplating and searching for a reliable payment gateway which you will use to transact and make business operations in Nigeria, then, you should get to know about PayU Nigeria. There are many payment gateway companies in Nigeria, but you should consider the facet that the quality and life of your online business lies partly on the e-commerce payment gateway on your website.

Pay U Nigeria is one of the payment gateways which serves as a secure payment option in the country. Apart from the integration of its e-commerce plugin on websites, it uses the option if email and SMS for business to business transactions between a customer and a business owner (PayU Receive)

It is present in over 16 countries in the world and it has a secured gateway which will not be penetrated by fraudsters.

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