There are different money transfers solutions that enable people to send and receive money from different countries. One of such avenues through which international transaction can be carried out is the Moneygram. The Moneygram Dollar to Naira Exchange is one of the best in the country, therefore, this article will focus on the Dollar to Naira exchange rate for today. For up-to-date information regarding the Moneygram Dollar to Naira Exchange on daily basis, you are advised to visit this page.

Moneygram Dollar to Dollar Exchange Rate Today

When compared to other exchange gateways, the Moneygram dollar to Naira exchange is quite favorable. Below is the Dollar to Naira Exchange rate of Moneygram today is given below:

1 Dollar is equivalent to 353.23 Naira

How does Moneygram Works

As an international financial services provider, the major service of Moneygram is to transfer money. Other services of Moneygram are as follows:

  • Bill payment services
  • Money transfer to inmates
  • Money order
  • Government payments

The headquarters of Moneygram is situated at Dallas, Texas.  It was founded about 76 years ago and the company is confirmed as the second largest money transfer service provider in the world.

Moneygram works by initiating a transfer on the Moneygram network. The Electronic money transfer must be initiated by the first party to the second party via the Moneygram platform. The sender of the money will initiate a money online or transfer in person at any Moneygram outlet. The second party or the receiving party will collect the cash at any other Moneygram location.

The Process of Transferring Money through Moneygram in Person

To transfer money using the Moneygram gateway, you have to find a Moneygram location that is close to you. There are several Moneygarm centers in Africa. You will be required to provide your information as well as the amount of money you are about to send. When all your information is confirmed to be correct, your money transfer order will be initiated. Asides sending money to the receiver, there are others Moneygram services that you can enjoy. You can transfer funds online to international banks from any location.

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