Payment of money for goods and services over the internet has become common in Nigeria with mass users that involve Trading shops, stores, academic institutions and more. From the comfort of your home or office you can easily make payments or receive money online via mobile payment platforms. Different mobile payment platforms have emerged over the years, giving customers different experiences with fast and secure payment methods and also 24/7 availability, this has made things a lot easier for both payer and payee.

Below are my Top 4 Mobile Payment Platforms which are mostly used in Nigeria;

  1. Remita;

Remita is a widely used mobile payment platform in Nigeria; you can make almost all Federal Agency payments directly through their platform. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) also make use of Remita for payment of all services rendered on their website. Payments on Remita are being booked with an RRR Number, which helps for easy payment record retrieval and there are very little charges associated with using Remita.

   2. Quick Teller;


Quick teller is also widely used across the country; Quick teller users enjoy various services. With Quick teller you can pay most of your bills, buy airtime and also receive money through their platform. Quick teller charges N100 per transaction but there is no fee attached in purchasing airtime.


  1. Interswitch;

Interswitch operates webpay and webpaydirect, it is a mobile payment platform used across Africa. For every payment to be made on Interswitch, there is a 1.5% transaction charge, but for payments that exceeds N133,333.00, there is a fixed charge of N2,000.


  1. Voguepay;

Voguepay was introduced in 2002; it is both used for paying and receiving of money. Most online shops feature Voguepay as a method of payment. The charges on Voguepay vary from international or local payment. 2.5% of transaction amount is being charged for local payments while 4.5% of transaction amount is being charged for international payments

 Other Mobile Payment Platforms in Nigeria include;

  1. Paga
  2. GTPay
  3. SimplePay
  4. Payarena
  5. eTranzact
  6. Paystack

 With the discomfort of carrying huge amounts of money around, Mobile payments platforms has been widely accepted as a means of secure payment for goods and services in Nigeria and it is also easier and stress-less.

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