MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited is a world class Forex Training and Capital Investment Company, established with the vision of impacting the general populace with the knowledge of trading Forex and creating platforms that will bring about sustainable financial freedom.

The company is a financial training and trading institute, duly registered under company and allied matters Acts (CAMA) with RC No. 1478221 that deals with the trading of foreign exchange.

The company boasts of over 10 thousand active investors with more than 10 business locations in Nigeria and new offices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom (UK). MBA Forex is determined to provide an all-encompassing investment service to their clients that accommodate their various needs.

MBA trading provides an easy and secure way to invest in the forex market and earn profits.

They offer various investment packages for their clients and investors with various returns on investment ROI. The minimum capital that can be invested with MBA Forex is $1,000 or the equivalent in Naira.

Some of the company’s investment packages come with the offer that allows the investor to pay for children school fees, wedding ceremonies, purchase of new car, payment of house rent, purchase of properties and many more.

MBA Forex also offer standard investment plans that investors can chose from as seen below:

$ 1000 – $ 13888 (₦360,000 – ₦4,999,999)

15% / Month

$ 13889 – $ 136111 (₦5,000,000 – ₦49,000,000)

10% / Month

 $ 138,889 – $ 276,514.60 (₦50M – ₦100M)

5% / Month

 $ 276,514.60 – ABOVE (₦100,000,000 – ABOVE)

2.5% / Month

Is MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited a genuine company?

From their website, they claim to be certified by various regulatory bodies in Nigeria. But we advise that you do proper verification and due diligence before dealing with any investment company.

How to contact MBA Forex

Their office address is located at:

Suite C201, Plot 1245 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent,
Wuse 2, Abuja, FCT.

Phone: +2347000002000



  1. In what year was MBA forex and investment established, what is the guarantee that they last and will not disappoint their investors in future.

  2. It is sad that my comment is coming months after MBA Forex “stopped paying” but I will still drop it in case someone comes across this article and to help them avoid being scammed by similar in future.
    So let us talk about all the red flags with folks like MBA Forex:
    1. They claim to have all the necessary regulatory certifications but they only have a CAC registration. Any company running an investment fund (as MBA Forex is doing here) ought to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A CAC registration isn’t enough, as CAC regulates all incorporated companies but not investment firms specifically. That is the purview of SEC.
    2. Guaranteed returns: No fund can promise you guaranteed returns no matter how established they are. You cannot guarantee returns when you cannot guarantee a market. E.g. did anyone see the COVID-19 pandemic coming last year and how it turned the global economy upside down? How do you then meet your guaranteed returns promise when the market has gone ape-shit?
    3. Monthly payments: MBA Forex is promising monthly returns of between 2.5% to 15% monthly. That translates to 30% to 180% annually. That is insane and unrealistic. The only investment that can give you such returns is a ponzi scheme, if you are lucky that it doesn’t collapse on your head. Not even the best-performing mutual funds globally pay up to 50% annually. Also, funds pay annually or at best quarterly (annual returns divided by 4).
    4. Offering lower ROI on higher amounts invested turns market logic on its head. Why will someone investing $1000 – $14000 earn six times more monthly than someone putting in $274K, when the person putting in more has given them more money to trade with and make more profit per volume?
    I just hope that more Nigerians will get proper financial education and investment advice and stop falling victims to these scammers.
    Invest your money with reputable and legit money management funds.
    I also hope that these scammers are caught and dealt with.

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