The online Bitcoin wallets are wallets to protect and store your hard earned bitcoins from where they can be accessed at any given point in time via the web on any device using internet connection. Online wallets are more vulnerable to phishing attacks, malware, and hacking if there is lack of digital security. Over the years, a few online wallet providers has been hacked causing massive losses for both wallet providers and investors. This is a very serious issue to consider while choosing a wallet provider to store your bitcoin or other crypto-currencies.

Imagine you doing a vigorous research based on the right time to buy and hold a crypto-currency for profit-making and then you go ahead with your plan. Alas you got it right, you are excited and you can see your investment paying off, ripping profit upon profit from the market. You decide to leave your profits growing as your analysis tells you more profit awaits you over time and then one fateful day you hear a terrible news on the net about your wallet provider being hacked which disables you from having access to your wallet. Just imagine the emotional turmoil one would go through.

Anyways its never safe to store a large amount of bitcoins or alt coins on your single online wallet. It’s a good idea to store small-small amounts in different wallets in case anything goes wrong with a particular wallet provider as nothing is a hundred percent guaranteed in life. You have to be wise as a financial investor. I have realized the hard ware Bitcoin wallets e.g Nano wallets are most secure Bitcoin wallets over the both desktop and Online wallets.

Here are a list of secured and trusted online bitcoin wallet providers (some offer the storage of other crypto’s like Etherum, Litecoin e.t.c):








There are still a few trusted online wallet providers among others which i will update in the above list once i do some findings about them, so you can keep checking the list time to time.

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