Bitcoin is the traditional crypto-currency that first gained recognition and popularity in the crypto world. However there are a lot of other crypto-currencies already making waves and turning investors into millionaires. Altcoins stands for or is an abbreviation of alternative coins. In other words altcoins refers to any other crypto-currency that’s not Bitcoin. Altcoins are also built around the modern technology called ‘block chain’.

Blockchain currency is revolutionizing money. Since Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled his crypto-currency in 2008, we’ve witnessed a proliferation of digital cash companies and code bases. Utilizing his public, distributed ledger, dozens of promising currencies have emerged. Only a select few have proven themselves as true contenders to Bitcoin.

The popular contenders are Ether, Ripple, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin, however there are so many others.

Below is a full list of popular altcoins that i believe you can also put into consideration for investment purposes.



-Bitcoin cash
















Please do not invest your money in fake acclaimed crypto-currencies like ‘TBC’ also popularly called the billion coin or one coin and so many other crap acclaimed crypto’s out there. In addition ensure to research on any crypto currency you are willing to invest into before indulging.


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