The sports betting industry is a fast growing niche in the world of speculative trading. A lot of people in Nigeria has made millions from trading in the sports industry using small stakes to realize a whooping sum of profit! There are lots of sports to bet on, however the most popular sport Nigerians love to bet on is the game of Soccer Football is a game of the ages and is well recognized all over the world. All over the world there are thousands of leagues with hundreds of matches to be played daily. There are also lots of tournaments like the World Cup, UEFA and continental cup of Nations in various continents. This provides ample opportunities to bet and make consistent income from football sports betting.

Online sport betting bookmakers arrived in Nigeria in the late 2000’s, compared to other parts of the world like Europe in particular which had been existing since the mid 1990’s. It is very imperative to know that sports betting had been existing in hotels and local outlets providing betting services before the existence of online websites. However it wasn’t regulated and licensed by the Nigerian government until the creation of the online betting companies.

The transitioning of the physical betting service to the online medium brought sports betting into the lime-light as it became easier to make deposits, place bets and withdraw earnings. Nairabet sports bookmaker happens to be the pioneer of the online sport betting industry in Nigeria and ever since, a lot of companies has sprung up and still springing up! Each company has its own advantages and disadvantages ranging from a better betting odds, fast withdrawal and user-friendly interface.

If you are looking to invest into the sporting industry, here is the list of the top online betting sites in Nigeria. These companies are accredited and licensed to carry out their operations in Nigeria.


The company commenced its online operations in 2009 and has been running till date with even physical outlets all over the country. The company is also known as the oldest bookmaker in Nigeria. It provides a simple and easy user interface for placing bets, reasonable odds, 100% bonus on first deposit/accumulated bets and fair withdrawal speed. However the con about this company is you can’t withdraw all your deposited capital if you change your mind not doing business with them anymore. The company is an official sponsor of the Shooting stars sports club (3SC) of Ibadan in the Nigerian Premier League.


This company provides one of the best online user-interface, very low minimum deposit and betting stake of N100, 100% deposit bonus and also bonus on accumulated bets, swift withdrawals and one of the fairest odds in the industry. It is the most used online sport betting website in Nigeria presently and fast growing than its competitors. Cons about this company is that when you place a bet and you want to cash out before the match commences, the company will slash 10-25% of your stake and pay you the remainder. The company is an official sponsor of the Nigerian National League of Nigeria (league II)


This company is mainly known for its swift withdrawal processing time so if you are a sports bettor and you like to receive your earnings asap(usually within few hours), this company is mainly for you! Another advantage of this bookmaker is that you can place bets on matches or games that is still in play. They also offer bonus on first deposits and accumulated bets.


A young bookmaker that is already gaining popularity and recognition by Nigerians. Fast withdrawals, reasonable odds, bonus on deposit and accumulated bets. The company is an official sponsor of a widely viewed television show called Football Celebrity Fans Showdown Challenge.


Parent company is also known as bet365 which is one of the oldest bookmakers and operates from the United Kingdom but now extending its services to Nigeria. They provide by far the best and highest odds amidst other bookmakers. They offer 30% profit to their agents/partners and 40% to their operators on weekly profit basis respectively! Another wonderful experience about this sport betting company is that you can cancel a bet before a game commences and get 100% of your betting stake compared to other bookmakers that slash part of your stake. They also offer swift withdrawals and bonuses on accumulated bets and deposits. The best bookmaker by far to me!

1960BET (

A pioneer online sport betting company that has been in operations for a long time as well. Bonus on first deposit and accumulated bets. This company is regarded as the fastest paying bookmaker by sports bettors. They also offer reasonable odds. Bets can also be placed during matches. An official sponsor of Lagos Stationery Stores FC team.


This is the latest sports betting company in town with popular retired football star Jay-Jay Okocha acting as their ambassador. The company also offers reasonable odds, 100% bonuses on first deposit and accumulated bets and prompt withdrawals.

Other online website for sports betting include www.winnersgoldenbet, www.betcolony,,,

In conclusion which ever company you opt for to get your online sports betting service, every company has its cons and pros. So choose wisely with what suites your trading style!

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