I have researched a couple of other online businesses you can do at home and get paid some few bucks. I compiled a list of these businesses and decided to enumerate them for you. Be aware that there are a lot of internet businesses you can do online but most of them have not been trusted over time as they end up wasting your time, not paying you after all your efforts.

I have participated in some of this businesses and achieved success in them. Most of them would pay you after earning with them for some period, say 1 month.

This list is in no particular order and its important you also make your own research before venturing into these online businesses

Here are the businesses that you can try and make money from:

Forex Trading


Affiliate Marketing

Google Adsense

Pay-per-click/Online Surveys Programs

Data Entry programs


Web Design

These are the genuine online businesses that i have tried and earn some money from. Please make your own detailed research before committing your time and resources into these ventures.

Also feel free to drop more genuine businesses in the comment box below

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