Kia Picanto for Nigerian Trader


The international broker InstaForex conducts a new Kia Picanto Campaign among its Nigerian clients with the capital prize – Kia Picanto automobile.

In order to become a prize contender for Kia Picanto Campaign, it is necessary to fulfill several major drawing conditions.

How To Qualify For The Promotion

Step 1
You need to have an InstaForex Account opened under our Affiliate office.

If you don’t have an InstaForex Account yet, Click Here to open a new account in order to qualify for the promo.

Step 2
Make a minimum deposit of 1000 USD to your Instaforex trading account(Click Here To Fund Your Account through us) or (Click Here for Other Methods Of Account Funding)

Step 3
Register on the campaign Registration Page and carry out a total volume of trades for at least 1000 lots.

The Campaign is held from May 7, 2012 to 25 October, 2013.

In such a way, in October 2013 one of Kia Picanto Campaign participants will come of best and get the keys to a stylish and dynamic Kia Picanto. If you are an adherent of sportive and dynamic style, if you want to feel yourself comfortable in the metropolis and make trips with friends, you should enter the fray for the grand prize from InstaForex – Kia Picanto.

How The Winners Are Chosen

Ultimate Winner of Brand New Kia Picanto Car
The winner of Kia Picanto will be determined in a random way by a transparent algorithm of using a so called Kia number (see formation principle). The contest registration ends one hour before the Kia number fixation.

The Consolatory Prize Winners
All other entries in the draw will each get a valuable (yet to be determined) consolatory prize.

Rules Of The Kia Picanto Promotion

The detailed information on contest participation and Kia Picanto Campaign terms and conditions is available on the Campaign Regulation Page

When Will Draws Hold?

The draws will hold at an event to be announced after the close of this round of the promotion. This round of the promotion will be considered to be closed on October 25, 2013.

What Are You Waiting For? Join The InstaForex Kia Picanto Promotion Now.

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