InstaForex introduces a new service – graphical patterns indicator Pattern Graphix – plug-in for the trading terminal MetaTrader4, which allows customers to keep abreast of formation of graphical patterns on a trading chart. Moreover, using the program, you will be able to adjust your subscription to various trading instruments, time frames, and types of technical analysis patterns.

Pattern Graphix makes it possible to analyze charts, get information in what direction you should open a trade, and determine the target to exit the market in a timely manner as well as find out how often you should open deals.

Working with Pattern Graphix, you will receive an immediate visual and sound notification of the formation of various graphical models.

Pattern Graphix service is available to every customer InstaForex for free.

Pattern Graphix opportunities:

  • Search and detection of patterns
  • Notification depending on the subscription
  • Selection of the desired patterns:
    • – Continuation patterns
    • – Reversal patterns
    • – Channels and lines
    • – Countertrend candlestick patterns
  • Notifications settings:
    • – Show/hide description of patterns on the chart
    • – Show/hide pop-up alerts in the platform when there are some changes (formation of new patterns, breakthrough of levels, etc.)
    • – Enable/disable Android / Apple push notifications
    • – Enable/disable option of sending emails from platform

download pattern graphix indicator

pattern graphix user manual pdf

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