Leading Forex broker, Instant Forex Companies Group with headquarters in Russia have been a popular choice among thousands of Forex traders all over the world. The Broker that has twice picked up the best broker in Asia award have been known for her consistency and honesty to her numerous traders.

Boasting of over five hundred thousand Forex traders and clients worldwide, instaforex is poised to be the broker of choice among Forex traders.

One of the major factors that have shot instaforex to the top among other competitors have been their Forex bonus offering to traders. Instaforex is one of the few brokers worldwide that offer bonus on deposits.

Instaforex offers various bonus to her traders who may be interested in adding more funds to their initial capital. These bonuses have different terms and bonus policies attached to it in order to prevent misuse by traders.

Some of instaforex bonuses include:

Fixed Welcome Bonuses in amount of 30, 110, 200, 1000 and 5000 US dollars

The Welcome bonus of 30% on every deposits

InstaForex Club bonus Extra bonuses for members of InstaForex Club

Instaforex allow her clients to choose any bonus type they may prefer and they also have the freedom to choose up to 2 different bonus types provided they are going to different trading accounts as 2 bonuses cannot be credited to the same account.

The Welcome bonus of 30% is the most popular and the bonus amount is credited instantly to the trader’s account once request is made.

The fixed welcome bonus may take up to 24 hours once request is made.

Instaforex bonus policy does not allow withdrawal of bonus credited to your account until certain conditions are met by the trader, which include sufficient trading activity of the trader in order for substantial profits to be made from the bonus amount.

Its very important for traders and clients applying for instaforex bonus to fully understand the bonus policy in order to maximize earnings on the forex account and have a wonderful trading experience on the long run.

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