Award winning forex broker based in Russia, Instant Forex Companies Group, popularly called has just created a new forex service on their platform called InstaForex Bonus Points.

With the Instaforex bonus points, a client trader can use his/her accrued points to make purchases at Instaforex brand shops at 50% off the original price.

Already, Instaforex has long created an online shop where her clients can make purchases for company branded products like office stationery, computer accessories and other sundry gadgets.

The Instaforex bonus points which have equivalent US dollar values would afford the client the opportunity to make purchases for goods at 50% off the initial price.

The service is only supported for instaforex clients and traders and the bonus points are automatically credited to the trader’s account for every trading activity on his/her trading account. Traders get also get the bonus points for every client they refer to the broker.

InstaForex bonus points for each closed deal of your client are calculated as follows:

1 InstaForex point = 0.01 lot = $0.01
1 InstaForex point = 10 lots = $0.01 (for clients trading cent accounts)

InstaForex reward points for your every closed deal are calculated as follows:

1 InstaForex point = 0.01 lot = $0.01

The bonus points are automatically credited to your account for every transaction on your trading or affiliate account.

Please note that Instaforex does not allow withdrawal of the bonus points USD equivalent amount, it can only be used to make purchases at the broker’s online shop.

what are you still waiting for, start trading with instaforex now and get your instaforex bonus points.



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