Forex trading is actually an exciting business. There is a wrong view surrounding it, however, the common person can get started with trading forex?

The first issue that you are going to got to do is choose a broker. This may be accomplished by laying your hands on different forex demo accounts with various brokers. You will be able to find a list of forex brokers here. Once you have selected a broker, the process becomes similar to opening an account with a bank.

Here are a couple of things that are generally required to open a forex live trading account:


Contact Address

Email Address

Mobile Phone number

Trading Account Currency

Account password

Date of Birth

Country of Citizenship


Financial Questions:

Net Income

Years of forex trading experience


You might be bothered why they need to understand all of these things? The straightforward answer is to abide with the law. Since forex trading went retail your years ago, regulations were put in place to protect account holders from various financial harm.

It’s difficult that you simply can find a broker creating an account for you without the above requirements. If you do find one that may not ask several questions or requirements, you have to be suspicious. If you are not feeling too convinced about a specific broker, you can be able to look them up through the National Futures Association to confirm their standing.

During the closing stages of creating your trading account you would see risk disclosures. Please take these seriously, forex could be a dangerous business for beginners, it tends to frustrate them if they are not careful. There are lots of losers than winners on the average. The broker will prompt you that forex is a risky business; they are mandated to do this.

Once you have provided all required information, the broker would verify it and generally require you to send some verification documents like an International Passport, Government issued ID, bank account statement and perhaps a utility statement to verify your name and address.

Once your information has been fully verified, you will be able to fund your account and start trading. One piece of recommendation that I suggest to any new traders is not to place any cash in their account that they can’t afford to lose. It appears like an obvious advice; however some traders kick off feeling like they understand what they are doing and they take huge risk. Start with a decent amount of funds and trade little by little. Nothing specifically will actually prepare you for the emotions that you simply feel after your money is actually in danger, therefore go slow at the beginning.

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