Sports betting have become a reliable source for quick income in Nigeria nowadays and there have been a rise in partakers year after year. The most popular betting sites in Nigeria are Nairabet and Bet9ja, they have service providers(agents) all over the country and for a starter I would advise you to go with any of this two.

But the question is: How does one consistently make money on sports betting? For that, you need understand the different types of bets you can make and also understand the odds. This requires time and devotion. I am going to enlighten you on How to win your bets on Nairabet and Bet9ja, but you continue to make sure you are familiar with all betting techniques and you also understand the odds as I earlier said.

1. Get a Betting Account;
To save you the stress of running to and fro to betting shops in Nigeria, it is advisable that you open a betting account with any of the afore mentioned betting sites. This gives you the luxury and comfort of betting from your house. Another advantage of this is that you can bet on any amount without raising suspicions and when you make any winnings you can cash it into your bank account without any ones knowing.

2. Study The Bets;
By this I mean; Study teams, study football leagues. Know which team is better than the other, which team scores more goals, which team normally has the highest or lowest odds. This can help you make a good selection of where to place your bet. Don’t just bet because you think a particular team can win the other, instead study the teams, there previous games, how well did they do?Bet9ja has a head to head statistics of every game so you can make good use of that. Take your time and study the bets before booking. Top leagues games normally fall on Weekends so you can take two days or three before to prepare your bet. Betting in advance has a higher odd advantage.

3. Don’t be Greedy
Many bookers tend to load their booking slips with lots of games and then place alittle amount of money on them, there is just a 20% chance of winning this way. It is better you select your games wiselywith a maximum of 5 – 6. Place a reasonable amount of money, not too big and not too small. This way you can be assured of a win before the games are even played. Thus said, the fewer the selections, the better and the lower the risks.

4. Roll your Bets
My final point is the betting roll, I strongly advise this because it has worked for me. Make a monetary budget you want to spend on your bet. Book your bet to a maximum of 3 games per slip, stake with a least a Thousand Naira. No supposing your 3 games came out a total of 5 odds, if won you cash out N5,000, making a profit of N4,000. All you have to do here is divide your profit into two and stake again. If won at same 5 odds you make N10,000 out of N2,000. You can choose to divide your N8,000 profit and stake N4,000 again or you can simple continue at N2,000. This method requires good researchon games, choose the safest option that has a 90% win probability and start to roll your bets.

If you follow the above procedure very well and study them like I said, you are sure to start making cash from your Bets. Sport betting is productive if you understand the concepts very well, but it is still advisable not to get too addicted to it, know your limits when betting in order to bet safe.

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