Skrill is one of the foreign payments gateways that are operational in Nigeria and they are a UK based company. If you are a business person and you are looking for how to receive your payments then Skrill is available.

Also if you just want to use Skrill for personal transactions and you are looking for a payment gateway for this then Skrill is also available.

Steps To Open And Verify Your Skrill Account

Here you then click on the button for sign up and also ensure that the details you input are the accurate ones.

  • Choose type of account

This may be business or personal. You can choose this business option if you have a company that is registered.

Skrill can be used for betting and you can choose the personal account. This also applies if you are making small and minimal transactions.

3) Input resident country

This is Nigeria and you input it unless you are outside Nigeria.

4) Input currency

The currency of this is in US dollars you fill it in to prevent exchange fees coming from double currency.

5) Choose first choice as English language

6) Input your personal details

Ensure that the section you fill is accurate and have no errors. Skrill does the checking and the verification of your address and name and this is with the scanning of the utility bill and identification. They normally request you enter: Last name, first name, address line 2, address line 1, post code and city.

7) Go ahead and input the number of your phone

This include robot verification and an agreement with the terms and conditions.

Verifying Your Skrill Account

Some details are necessary to verify the account and they are:

  • Password

Choose a password that is unique and make it secure

  • Birth date
  • Your email address

The Verifying Process of Your Skrill Account

The verification process include the bank account, debit/credit, physical address and email.

  1. Verifying email

Here Skrill to send you a 6 digit code for login.

  1. b) Verifying your debit or credit card

It requires that skrill matches your credit or debit card and they deduct a small amount of money like $2.00 from the card. It is a requirement and they would refund this amount after verification.

  1. c) Bank Account verification

2 ways of bank account confirmation exist and it is either you put in money to Skrill using the bank wire or the withdrawal takes place. Choose ‘add bank account’ and this require that you know the bank swift code. Get the code from your bank.

Click on the withdraw option and choose the money you are sending to your account and this is after entering the bank account and also note that this withdrawal process takes 2 working days.

  1. d) Verification By Uploading Funds

This method requires you to deposit funds to your skrill account by using other e-wallets payment system that Skrill accept


Manual Verification of Skrill

This requires you to provide your:

  1. a) Account number
  2. b) Your name
  3. c) Statement showing Skrill withdrawal

You are required to provide a scanned bank statement or an online statement. 30 minutes is adequate to do this and your account is opened and verified.

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