If you run a business, most especially eCommerce like dropshipping, mini importation, etc, in Nigeria, you’ll deal with shipping all the time. The USA is home to some of the world’s best product suppliers. They are dominant on popular online marketplaces like Amazon and AliExpress.

How do you ship your goods from the USA to Nigeria? We’ll be discussing that in this article.

Selecting a shipping company
There are many shipping companies in the United States that ship to Nigeria. Some of them are UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. You should review them and select an ideal one.

While reviewing, there are many things to consider but the most important is the shipping cost. To be straightforward, shipping costs from USA to Nigeria is very expensive and sometimes, you could end up paying more than the price of the products for shipping.

Nevertheless, different factors will affect the shipping cost and they include;
Product type
Product dimension
Product weight
Shipping from location in US
Shipping to location in Nigeria

Another important thing to consider when choosing a shipping carrier is how long the delivery will take. When shipping from USA to Nigeria, expect nothing but days; no matter the shipping company.

Sometimes, customs and clearance problems in different countries enroute will affect the delivery time frame. Also, some shipping companies have exclusive fast shipping methods which will attract higher costs than standard shipping.

When you’ve decided on the ideal shipping company to use, you can then proceed to send the items.

Sending the items for shipping
To begin, you have to register with your preferred shipping carrier. This can be easily done online via their official websites or at any of their locations close to you.

After registering, provide all details of the product you’re trying to ship and the details of the receiver in Nigeria. This will include;
Phone number
Email, etc

Some shipping companies may require some sort of identification. If that’s the case, a Nigerian national ID, drivers’ license, or international passport will do.

Next, submit the package you’re trying to ship to any location close to you (if you registered online). Pay for all the associated fees and charges for the package to be cleared and it’ll be scheduled for shipping.

You’ll be given a tracking number & receipt; they’ll also be sent to your email. With the tracking number, you can follow up the location of your package as it ships on the company’s website.

How long will it take
The delivery time depends on the shipping carrier and if there’ll be any delay en route. All things being normal, it should take at least 5 and at most 12 days for the goods to arrive. If you pay for a faster shipping option, it could take just 3 to 4 days.

With the right shipping company, you won’t find it difficult to ship goods from the USA to Nigeria. The problem, however, is the very expensive shipping costs you’ll pay for due to the distance.

Note that this doesn’t include duty and tax payment which you might be required to pay when the package reaches Nigeria.

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