You may have received the gift card called iTunes gift card and you want to sell it. This article will tell you how. Majority of people ask questions like, how do I convert my iTunes gift card to Naira equivalent? How do I market my iTunes and earn?

What is iTunes Gift Card?

iTunes gift card is that card that you buy mostly in a store so as to buy without the use of credit card in the iTunes store. The code which is the gift code is available at the card’s back and you input this to redeem that card so as to input an amount into your iTunes account. iTunes card is used for buying tunes and music from the iTunes platform.

Considerable Factors in Selling iTunes Cards in Nigeria

1. Go to a legitimate website

There are certain websites that are out and they claim to help you sell your gift cards and they are scammers. You have to first choose a website that is legitimate and not fake and there are many of them. Avoid scams in selling your gift cards by going for legitimate and genuine websites.

2. Validity of the card

Make sure that the card you intend to sell is a valid card and no one else have made use of it. If someone else have used the card, then it is not valid.

3. The iTunes card format

This iTunes card may be electronic or physical format. Whether it is physical or electronic, you can still cash out and this is dependent on the website. Scratch the area of the pin code and this is until there is revealing of the codes, then you can scan and then send. You get credited to your account and this is in less than 10 minutes.

Steps For Selling Your iTunes Gift Cards in Nigeria

Create your own platform

If you intend to have a website for people to do the conversion of their gift card, then you can get some web developers to design a good website for you.

Setting your rate

You make profit from your rate and this is when you convert your card and sell to others who need them. However do not make your rate too much for your customers.

Promote your platform

You may run adverts and campaigns on Facebook or twitter. You can place some advertisements on blogs and websites with much traffic. You can also promote your platform by using:

  • Guest posting
  • Advertising in newspapers
  • email listing
  • Cards (complimentary)

Marketing your iTunes cards as a business requires:

You be able to give your customers what they ask for and do not offer invalid cards.


You need to persevere and be consistent with selling cards that are genuine

Friendly and navigable website

Do not make your website too difficult for your customers since this will discourage them.

Be simple and clear and communicate properly.

Where Can You Purchase iTunes Cards and Sell Them?

  • Raise
  • EBay
  • Craigslist
  • Gift card Granny
  • Apple

You can only redeem these cards in the very same country where you bought them. Like I said in the beginning, you can use iTunes cards for purchasing software, music and downloadable products.

The art of selling iTunes cards is a profitable venture and you have to go for the right people and the right website to avoid scam.

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