Fiverr is undoubtedly the largest freelancing website in the world with over three million active sellers, and attracts almost thrice that amount of buyers. These sellers of services, otherwise referred to as freelancers, and the buyers of these services are cut across the world, because Fiverr is an international project. Hence, this encourages freelancers to seek to sell their services on this wide-based network, so as to make high sales.

What is a Gig?
A gig is a service offered in Fiverr. These services are posted by the freelancer and are ranked by Fiverr. Fiverr places more highly ranked gigs on its first page, and that means a handsome payout ranging from a few hundred of dollars to thousands of dollars. It is therefore a good idea to learn how to structure your gig services, so that it could be placed on Fiverr’s first page by its high ranking.

Follow these tips below in order to Rank Your Fiverr Gig on First Page

• Use Appropriate Titles – Use titles that clearly state what kind of service you are offering. It is not advisable to copy titles of high-ranked gigs, as your gig will never get to be ranked higher than them. Be creative and pay attention to this important part of it all, first of all.

• Whiteboard Animations – Make use of whiteboard animations that describe the services you offer. Make it creative and tempting. Apart from the fact that this will attract more buyers to your gig, it will make them understand your service at the best of your explanation and their understanding, and also help you to get to your goal – Fiverr’s first page.

• Use of Images – Ensure that you use unique images of your gig that bear the same name as your gig title. This will aid your gig to gain more visibility in Fiverr search engine, and consequently promote you to the first page.

• Relevant Username to Your Service – It will be nicer if your username could contain some keywords that make up your service. For example, if your service is web design, you could have a username that has either web or design in it. This will boost your search engine appearance and sales, and make you more liable to appear on Fiverr’s first page.

• Avoid Cancellations – This is a wrong act that could cost you your dear placement on Fiverr’s first page, and so affect your boosts and consequently, your sales. A cancellation is able to affect your rating and reduce the quality of your gig in the presence of potential buyers. Write your gig well and avoid cancellations as much as you can, so you could rank first in Fiverr’s first page.

• Buying Reviews – Buying reviews will of course give you a much higher placement in Fiverr’s search results. However, you need to exercise some level of carefulness when doing this, so that you do not get your account banned.

Drive Traffic – This is a wise step to take as you would help in pushing your gig upward when fiverr algorithm see that it’s getting a lot of sales despite a low search ranking. You can use your social media account to drive traffic to your gig. If you have some few bucks, you can go for paid ads like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads in order to get massive sales.

And that’s it! With the above mentioned and explained suggestions implemented, it can be well assured that your Fiverr gig is well on its way to the first page.

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