Betting on sports in Nigeria is a way of earning and Nairabet is among the betting platforms. Many people earn consistent income from Nairabet and this article will show you how you can place bets on Nairabet. This refers to placing bets on the website of Nairabet.

Steps To Place Bets On Nairabet

  • First Step: Visit and open an account.

You will get access to all of the games and markets available in the website.

  • Second Step: Choose the games

There are many options for betting like tennis, baseball, football and the rest. Virtuals is one of such options and there are games such as dog racing, football league and the rest of the others. There are all betting options and since football is the king of sports, this article will focus on football betting.

Now when you click ‘Football’ icon for the desktop, a drop down menu pops up and you choose the countries from here. For the mobile version a page pops up and lists countries. You now choose and this depends on the league.

Other Tips For Choosing Games

If you are choosing the Premier League to bet on, you click ‘England’ and a page pops up. The area that have red circles has a list of the market for betting and you select from here. Betting can be for the first half or maybe for the second half and you can bet on the goals.

The very blue part consists of a games list and this is for a particular period. There is a decimal number for each team either in the front or under. Odds are actually the chance of a betting and this is due to the game chance.

It can also be due to the team percentage of possessing multiple results.

Betting Example In Nairabet

Example is Leicester 2.0, Everton 3.0. This means Leicester has a lower payout on the winning of Everton. There are also odds for draws, under and over 2.5 goals, total number of yellow and red card, first team to score and many more betting options.

However if you intend to bet on the other markets different from draw and win market, you can check other options. These other options are in the red circled area.

Now select some games and we select Arsenal as winner, and Burnley as winner. Others are a draw for West Ham and Southampton. West Ham draws with Crystal Palace.

  • Third Step: Put in stake and then place bets

After you select the games and have added the amount you intend to stake (for example 100 and above). You now click ‘Place Bet’ and that is the placing of your bet.

Placing Bet On The Bet Shop

Click ‘Get Bet Code’ button and there is code generation and you now offer these to the attendants.


Ensure that you follow this guide in this article and as you do that again and again, you become a betting expert. Nairabet is one of the ways to earn and sports betting have come to stay in Nigeria. This article explains how to place the bet on Nairabet and don’t forget to ask questions.

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