Now that you have decided to own a virtual private server (VPS) for your Forex trading robots and systems, it is important to know how to get a good and reliable VPS hosting provider.

Getting your trading system on VPS is quite easy to setup.

Firstly, simply do a web search of the top VPS providers. Popular VPS providers include:,, and many more.

Most forex brokers also offer VPS services for their clients.

Once you have gotten a preferred VPS provider, simply register on their website after which you would then be able to order for a monthly VPS plan.

Most VPS plans have a subscription fee of between $15 – $70 monthly.

The difference in price has to do with different system specifications for the virtual private server. The higher the subscription amount, the better and more advanced would be the virtual private server.

Ordering a VPS plan would requiring you making payments either by credit card, paypal, Liberty Reserve or other popular payment gateways.

After payment confirmation by your VPS provider, VPS Admin Login details would be sent to you by e-mail.

Most VPS login is usually done by Remote Desktop Connection from your PC. The necessary steps to achieving this is usually explained in detail by your VPS hosting provider.


  1. I think that the profitability of a Forex robot doesn’t depend only on the Forex robot itself, but also on the trader himself, he needs to have some trading experience to be able to use the robot in the proper way …

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