In the world of online business and online money making, Perfect money provides perfect services for its members. Perfect money is one of the many online payments and online money transfer mediums in Nigeria. Its services are safe and secure for all your internet transactions and as thus it is one of the leading online platforms in Nigeria today.

You can also store Cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin in your Perfect money account, it offers four currencies account which include; the USD (United States Dollar), the EURO (Currency of the European Union), GOLD and the Bitcoin. Your Nigerian Naira can be converted to the equivalents of any of the currencies. This guide teaches you the steps to a successful perfect money account registration.

To open an account with Perfect Money is relatively easy;
1. First log on to their website
2. Click on the Sign Up link at the top right side of the page
3. A perfect money registration form will be displayed, fill in your details carefully and correctly. Choose if your account is a personal account or a business account and don’t forget to agree to their terms and conditions.
4. When you submit the form, you will receive a welcome message from them, and will be asked to check your mail for your Member ID.
5. Log into the email address you registered with, open the mail from them and copy out your personal Member ID, this is usually seven digits in number.
6. Go back to the Perfect Money website, and this time click on the Log in link also at the top right side of the page
7. Input your Member ID and then your password. Pass the CAPTCHA request and then click on Authorize to log into your account.

You have successfully created your Perfect Money account which you can use for all online transactions. Perfect Money has three types of account status, Normal, Premium, and Partner account, your account status basically depends on how your account has been active.

Upon registering your account status will be Normal, If your account is active for and year and more, you will be able to request for a Premium account upgrade through the customer service department, Premium account users enjoys some discounts on major transaction. The Partner account is for only business transactions (Non-Individual), your account will be used for only business to business transactions and it is being issued by the Perfect Money Admin

You can go ahead and fund your account, by clicking on the Deposit link in the menu and then enjoy your account.


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