Now that you have decided to go into Forex trading. it would wise of you to first start by practising with a demo account.

This is important in order for you to fully practise and understand the basics and dynamics of the Forex market and also your broker platform.

To open a demo account, you would have to download the metatrader trading platform from your Forex broker website.

You are to install the trading software on your computer.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software on your PC, the program should display  a shortcut on your desktop.

Simply open the program, since you are using it for the first time, it would prompt you to open a demo account.

On the box that appears, fill in your personal details to register for a new demo trading account.

Another box should display where you are to scan the broker server for connection

After scanning and click on next, finally your demo account Login details should be provided where you can then save and Login to the Meta trader platform to start demo trading.

Download Instaforex metatrader trading platform and create your own demo account

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