Bitcoin has come to stay, and every single day that passes, transactions involving Bitcoin are becoming easier to engage in. You have probably opened a lot of accounts online for your various online transactions, and Bitcoin is not any much different.

If you have been hearing about Bitcoin and wondering how to open a Bitcoin account in Nigeria, then you are in the right place.

This article is going to guide you on a step by step basis on how to comfortably and easily open a Bitcoin account with less hassle. Again, by the end of this article, you will also know how to fund the account after opening one.

How to get your own Bitcoin Account :

The first thing you need to get your Bitcoin Account is to own an email account. There is no need overstating the importance of having an email account. Sometimes too, you will need to have a phone number for security reasons.

After that, the next step is to open a Bitcoin Wallet.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin is an exchange currency just like money. The only difference being that, you don’t touch Bitcoin unlike money. Your Bitcoin Wallet is your online Bank. Your Bitcoin Wallet does everything your local bank does for you, except it doesn’t charge you for keeping your Bitcoin.

In other words, a Bitcoin Wallet is a bank that stores every Bitcoin you have gotten or will obtain.

There are different legitimate sites that provides you with free Bitcoin Wallets. The top three are:

We will use one of the sites to show you how to open your own Wallet since the process for all is similar.

How to Create Bitcoin Wallet using Blockchain:

1) Visit the site

2) Click on “Wallet” >> Get a Free Bitcoin Wallet.

3)Input the required information on the page.

– Make sure you provide the correct details and use an email address you alone have direct access to.

4) A combination of symbols and letters will be sent to you for confirmation purposes.

4) Confirm your email address and note/write down your Wallet ID.

– It’s important you store this safely

because you will use it for subsequent login.

N:B- You will always be required to input your login details because these sites do not store your login details for security purposes.

That is it, your Bitcoin Account is Now ready for use. However, note the following also:

– – This Bitcoin Wallet site is best for people who also want to own an ethereum wallet as well as earn Bitcoin daily.

– – Mainly for professionals that trade in only bitcoin account.

– – This site is ideal for users that love customized bitcoin address. – This site is also a good bitcoin and ethereum wallet provider.

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