Payment for goods and services has been made easy and fast through advancement in Technology through online payment with your Naira MasterCard and Visacard. Online payment through Master card or Visa card is one of the safest and simplest means of transaction. Payment through cash transaction has recorded a lot of fraudulent practices, theft and even some unlucky ones have been dispossessed of their hard earned money. Payment through MasterCard or Visa card protects from any mishap that might occur during the transaction.

MasterCard and Visa cards are available in any Nigeria bank and they can easily be activated and transactions can start immediately. This article will explain the easy step required to make online payment through MasterCard and VisaCard. Before that, let us take some time to explain some facts about these cards. A visa card is a debit card that can be used internationally for online payments and transactions on ATM and POS. MasterCard is also a debit card supported by Mastercard international. It is accepted internationally and works perfectly on the Interswitch platform, e-commerce websites such as Jumia, Konga, e.t.c.

Physically, Visacard and Mastercard have some outstanding features; some of the physical features are the electronic chips. This chip must be properly taken care of. A faulty or damaged chip automatically renders the card unusable. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep the card in a secured and safe location. Other features are printed digit and the CVV code.

Terms encountered when making payment online through your Naira MasterCard and Visa card

  • PIN (Personal Identification Number); this is your secret number that will be required when making the transaction with your MasterCard or Visa card. This number is generated during the card activation.
  • OTP (One time Password); It is also known as soft token and its generated during the transaction and has limited usage. Most times it is used once.
  • CVV (card verification value); As stated earlier that it a code consisting of 3 numbers written on the card. Also, it is always required during online payment with MasterCard or Visa card.
  • Naira MasterCard and Naira visa card serial Number; Majority of ATM card issued by banks in Nigeria are either visa card or MasterCard. They are common names associated with online payment in Nigeria and beyond.

Steps on how to make payment online with Naira MasterCard or Visa card.

  • Locate the payment button and click on it.

This is the first step towards easy and fast online payment using MasterCard or Visa card. Clicking on the payment button on the payment site of the goods and services shows that one is ready for an online transaction and will be directed to the necessary payment page.

  • Select the type of payment

There are different methods of online payment, you will click on ATM and then proceed.

  • Select your card type

At this point, you will choose the type of card you have at hand whether MasterCard or Visa card.

  • Fill in your MasterCard or Visa card debit details

Here you are required to fill the ATM card debit details which are listed below:

?         Card serial number

?         Expiry date

?         PIN

?         CVV2

  • Click on the Payment button.

After clicking the payment button you will be required to input an OTP. The OTP will be sent into your phone number. Once this is done, you will receive a message telling you that your transaction is successful.

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