Adsense is one of the most popular ways to make money online. Adsense program is owned by Google. Basically it is a revenue sharing program that operates on pay per click basis. The method is that simple. Advertisers pay Google to display their ads on websites/blogs. Google displays those ads on websites and share the revenue with site owners on pay per click basis. If you have a site and you want to make money with adsense, you must have an adsense account in order to display adsense ads on your site.
It is very important to understand the types of Adsense accounts that Google offer. They require different strategies. If you are an website owner but you have an Youtube adsense account, it is of no use for you as you cannot monetize your site with this type of account. Initially Google offered only one type of account, and later it was bifurcated to hosted and non-hosted account. At present Google offers five types of adsense account. They are as follows:

Adsense for content
Adsense adlinks
Adsense for search
Premium adsense account
Adsense account for Youtube

1. Adsense for the content
Adsense for the content is the most important Adsense program. As the name suggests, it is for monetizing the content. If you have this type of account, Google would display contextual ads on your webpage and you get paid for each click your website visitors make. The ads are specifically targeted to the content of your web page/blog. If you run a blog on Golf, the adsense ads would be on Golf such as Golfing equipment, events etc. Google has the automated technology to display contextual ads that suit the content. If you don’t want to display particular ads you can block or filter the ads and get new ads automatically.

2. Adsense for the search
This type of adsense account allows you to add a Google Search box to your blog/website. With this search box, your visitors can search the entire internet right from your website. What you are doing here is helping Google by hosting it and it pays you for the service. Another interesting thing is that the search results also include Google adwords ads just as it would on If your visitors click on those ads you get paid as well. Now you can imagine the earning potential it holds for your site.

3. Adsense Adlinks
This is another Google adsense program. This type of account allows you to place small inline link ads in areas not suited to content ads. Publishers usually use Adlink ads above the post of the title of heading. You can also put these ads on the top sidebar of your website. The CTR (Click through rate) is proven to be very high on these places.

4. Google Adsense Premium Service
This account provides the publishers with advanced functionality and features. Getting this type of account is very difficult. Your site has to meet high standards and you need to have good track record with other type of Adsense accounts. Very few sites on the web have qualified for it. Usually traffic is used as criteria for acceptance. Ideally if a website has received 5 million search queries or 20 million page views a month, it is considered for Adsense Premium service account.

Youtube Adsense
The adsense for Youtube is newest program of Google. This program came into existence after Google purchased Youtube. This program allows video creators to run adsense ads at the start and end of their videos and make money each time a viewer clicks on the ads. It is to be remembered that the videos you publish on Youtube must be original in terms of materials used, audio and the graphic used.
Getting an adsense account has become difficult due to blackhat activities. Google has become very strict in approving adsense accounts. You need to be a citizen of some specific countries to apply for an instant adsense account. If you are not from any of these countries, you need to demonstrate your professionalism. Normally, you have to create a website and run it professionally for at least six months with good traffic and quality content. Make sure your site meet the prescribed standards set by Google.

It is for your own good never indulge in Blackhat activities like purchasing an account from third party or create accounts in a way that Google does not approve. Sooner or later you will be caught and your account will be banned forever. Google is very smart and employ sophisticated technology and techniques to crack down blackhat activities.

Once your account is approved, you need to be vigilant to protect your account. Don’t click your own ads or provide incentives to others to click the ads on your site. Google can easily detect unnatural clicks through its sophisticated algorithm.

Finally, there is one bitter truth about adsense. Not all those with adsense account holders make money. Majority of publishers make very less money – less than US $100 a month. Few make above $100 and very few earn above $1000 per month.

The secret for consistent adsense revenue is traffic. Your site needs a lot of traffic every day for you to make US $1000 or above per month. If your site gets traffic anything above 50000 per day, you stand in good chance to make some really good money. Many publishers overcome the problem of traffic by creating more blogs/websites to get substantial combined adsense revenue. This strategy is not recommended as it is impossible to look after so many sites, let alone drive traffic. The best strategy is to concentrate one at time.


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