Blogging is a great way to make regular money. Some bloggers like Parez Hilton, John Chow, Linda Ikeji and Neil Patel are making five figures every month. Making money through blogging is not an overnight process and it usually takes months before you earn your first dollar. Your knowledge level, the passion you have and the time and effort you put in all have bearing on how fast and how much money you would make doing blogging.
The first and foremost thing need you need to do is niche research. Niche research is nothing but deciding a topic to blog about. When it comes to selecting a niche the “Passion Vs. Profit” debate crops in.
What niche would you choose?
Would you choose a topic that you are passionate about or choose some topic that is hugely profitable?
Experts vary in their opinions. It is advisable that you strike a balance between two aspects with slight emphasis on passion over profit. This is simply because if you choose a topic you are passionate about but no market demand, you are not gonna make good money. You will also find it tough to write articles on topic you have no passion. Remember your ultimate aim is to make money. And thus you cannot ignore profitability aspect.
Once you decide a topic to blog about, the next step is creating a blog. Since you want to make money seriously, it is advisable that you go for a paid blogging platform. You will need a domain and hosting to create a blog. Price of a domain and hosting is very cheap these days. With around US $10 (N1,700) you can get started. Search for coupons/offers while registering a domain and hosting.
Register a keyword rich domain. If your topic is about “Dog Training”, select a domain like or or something like that. If your domain has keyword in it like the above examples, your site would rank higher in search engine. So, you will get free search engine traffic. Also ensure that you choose a domain with extensions “com”, “net”,”ng”, “org” or “biz”. These are the trusted domain extensions.

The next step is to purchase a hosting plan. You have to be very careful while choosing a webhost because there are so many hosting providers who provide pathetic service and don’t care for their customers. Some others charge ridiculously higher fees. Hostgator and Bluehost are the best and cheap as well. They have one click script installation facilities, which helps a lot to newbie. Once you buy a hosting plan configure your domain with hosting. There are so many good tutorials on Youtube. Trust me this is very easy.

Now install WordPress using the once click script installation facilities of your hosting provider. Once WordPress is installed login to your site and install a WordPress theme. If you can spare some dollars, it is better idea to go for premium WordPress theme. A good theme will allow you to customize your site and makes it stand out among the rest. Once you install a WordPress theme, install the following free plugins

SEO Plugin: WP SEO by Yoast (Recommended) or All in One SEO Pack
Loading Speed Plugin: WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache
Spam Filtering: Akisment ( It comes as pre-installed. You need to activate it.)
Social Sharing: Social Maven or Simple Social Share

The above plugins are more than enough for your website to run professionally. Now start posting contents. Make blog post a regular affair. You should be posting at least one post every week. The higher the frequency of posting the better it is. For next three months don’t think of making money but building an authority blog in your niche.

Make every of your post at least 800 words. Use the recommendations of WP SEO plugin to search engine optimize your blog posts. Your posts not only would rank higher, your site will get free search engine traffic. After you make at least 10 posts, you are ready to monetize your site. Here are the ways to monetize your blog.

Use Google adsense: Google Adsense is a popular way to make money. Apply for a publisher account and once approved pasted the adsense codes in the appropriate places of you site. Google will start displaying ads relevant to your niche. You will earn money when your visitors click on these ads.

Affiliate Marketing: This is most important way how bloggers make money. What they do is to become affiliates of hot selling products and promote them in their sites by reviewing those products and/or displaying text/banner ads. For every sale made using their links, they get a commission from their seller. Clickbank, JVzoo, Paydot and Commission Junction are some popular places to find affliate products. If your blog has mostly Nigerian traffic, then you can promote Nigerian affiliate offers like Jumia, Konga, or Addynamo.

Selling Advertisement Spaces: This method will work when your site start getting huge traffic. Why not monetize the traffic? You can make easy money by selling advertisement spaces in your site directly to the advertisers.

Email Marketing: Remember this is the most important method how successful bloggers make huge money. This method involves building a list of subscribers and marketing your products and offers. It is also called list building and it is the most reliable source of income because you already have a list of potential buyers in form of your subscribers.

Direct Selling: You can sell your own products directly from your website. Create products relevant to your niche/expertise and sell them on discount to the readers of your blog.

Blogging is a great way to earn money regularly. However, the key to success is level of professionalism you bring into it. Never take your readers for granted. Deal with them in professional manners and success will come naturally.


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