If you are reading this article, then it probably means that you already know what Payoneer system is all about, as well as the various uses of the Payoneer MasterCard. I will also assume that you are much more interested in how to fund your Payoneer card from Nigeria and utilize it for your various online transactions.

Therefore, i will cut the story short and delve into funding for your account proper. But in the event you are just hearing about Payoneer, then you can sign up for a free payoneer account at www.payoneer.com. After payoneer account sign up, you then proceed to login to your new account and apply for the payoneer prepaid debit mastercard.

Payoneer is a financial online company that provides financial services like digital payment and other online money transfers.

However, to use this platform, you have to fund the Payoneer account you have opened through your Payoneer card.
You can do this in three easy steps viz:

For the step of funding your card, do the following:
a) login into your Payoneer account
b) Scroll to ‘Receive Payments’ and click on “My US Payment Service Profile.”
c) Copy out the following :
-Bank Name,
-Account Number, and
-Account Type.
d) After that, take the above information to your Bank(or any bank of your choice) and let the Branch Manager or teller know that you want to fund your Payoneer card in Nigeria with the above details. Give the banking officer the details .
e) Tell them the amount of course, you are depositing to your Payoneer account.
f) Once the deposit is made, give it 10-20 minutes to reflect in your Payoneer card.
N:B- It’s assumed you must have activated your Payoneer MasterCard
Happy transactions!

Here, you can use your Payoneer account to receive payments for your products or any work.
Other Payoneer users can transfer money to you, you can receive money from companies through Mass Payout Companies or from Global Payment Service.
i) To receive a payment from other Payoneer users, just provide them your e-mail address used for your Payoneer account as well as the amount of money they need to pay you. The rest is up to them.
ii) To receive payments through Global Payment Service from companies in the Europe, U.S.A, United Kingdom and Japan, provide the payment details of your account and receive your payments.
-To know your payment details, go to your account, choose “Global Payment Service” in the Receive section.
N:B- You can also just add Payoneer as your payment system if it’s among the payment systems utilised at your work place.

This step funds your account when you invite your friends to join Payoneer.
This is how it works:
i) Log into your Payoneer account.
ii) In the “Activity Section”, select the “Refer a Friend” option.
iii).Copy out the link you see and share on your social media handles.
iv) If your friend clicks the link, signs up for Payoneer and receives $1000 in total at least, you will both receive $25 to your accounts in the next three(3) months.
I trust you can now comfortably fund your payoneer card.
N:B- If you want to see your statistics, you can find them on the “Refer a Friend” page.

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