It is always very easy to convert money to Airtime but, to convert in the other way round might prove difficult. This article educates you on how you can convert your Airtime credit to Naira. First of all, Airtime credit gives mobile phone user opportunity to make calls and speak with other users. Airtime credit in Nigeria comes in various amounts depending on the network operator. There are various ways one can get airtime in Nigeria. One can buy directly from the retailer or buy through online banking platform.  Such platforms are bank mobile app, ATMs and the use of bank codes. The bank codes does not require internet, all you need is an activated bank account and any phone.

It should be noted that before this service can be used successfully, it is necessary to contact the customer care personnel of your bank for necessary activation.

It is the wish of everyone at one point or the other to convert their airtime to money. This is common especially where there is shortage of cash at hand but surplus Airtime credit. There has been several cases of people who mistakenly recharged a huge amount of money from their account. I have seen a fellow that recharged 50,000 Naira instead of 500 Naira. The network operators were called upon but could not render any assistance. That was how the sum of 50,000 got wasted.

I am pleased to inform you that your dream is now a reality, your wish to have your airtime credit in monetary form is now very possible.


A notable platform that is notable for converting Airtime credit to cash in Nigeria is Zoranga.  Zoranga is the answer we have been looking for this while. One of the good qualities of this platform is that, it easy, fast and reliable way of converting Airtime credit to cash in Nigeria.

Zoranga works by receiving payment from individual in form of Airtime credits and converts it to its Naira value and in turn deposit the money into the users account. The beauty that comes with the use of Zoranga’s platform is that it deposits money directly into accounts making the process of payment and withdrawal very easy.

There are possibilities of engaging in a profitable business by using the Zoranga platform. In fact, this is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to make fast and cool money in Nigeria of today. It is possible to receive payment into your Zoranga account directly in form of Airtime credit. This is made possible with the help of API. The airtime credit in you Zoranga account can be sold to zoranga agent  or convert directly into your account.

How Zoranga works

  • Create an account on
  • Proceed to click on deposit, follow the steps as directed.
  • Deposit your airtime credit either through the use of Airtime PIN or share and sell if you have already loaded the card
  • Wait for about 5 minutes after successful deposit of the airtime credit
  • Click on transfer money and follow the procedure required to deposit the cash into your account


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