Buying and Selling Gift cards is now becoming one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria which anyone can do to make money online whether from home, school, work or anywhere. The good thing about GIFT CARD business is that although, it is profitable, the business is untapped and it has a less competition because it is just few people who have the knowledge and awareness of the business.

Gift cards are like debit cards which has been loaded with funds or cash to be used at a future purpose. These cards are normally issued or given to customers/people by banks, shops, stores, companies, outlets to encourage people and interested clients and customers to trade with them. There are different types of gift cards which you can find; the most common among them are the Apple or Itunes Gift card, the Amazon gift card, Ebay Gift card, Google Play gift card, Steam Wallet Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card, Jumia Gift card etc.

You may have cards like this, you can sell the card to people for fear of getting lost or if you don’t feel like purchasing any product with the company who gave you the card.

How Do I Know If This is Profitable and Lucrative

The Gift Card industry is moving at a fast speed rate. The figures hasn’t dropped and it is increasing in its amount from year to year. By 2020, it is estimated to have climbed at a high rate of $150 Billion. In Nigeria, e-commerce sites like Konga, Payporte, Jumia, Yudala (Konga) etc all sell products, utensils, items and commodities on their site, and a large number of customers patronize their website to have a look of the latest items. You can capitalize on this idea by getting the gift cards of these companies listed above, keep the card and selling the cards to people who don’t feel comfortable whenever they carry cash or selling it to people who are afraid of putting their bank information online or doing internet banking for fear of theft and scam.

How and Where Do I Buy My Gift Cards

Just as I have said above, there are many ways for you to get a gift card. You can get gift cards from companies who sell products and services. You can also get gift cards from friends and people who haven’t used the card or people who don’t know what to do with it.

Where can I Sell My Gift Cards?

You might be wondering where to sell the cards after buying the cards. There are platforms and places where you can get interested people who will buy your gift cards at a high value and you get to make profit from your sales. In Nigeria, there are so many platforms to sell your gift cards, but out of all these platforms, you should sort out the right one for you that is real and transparent enough in business transactions. One of the trading platforms to sell your gift cards in Nigeria is or You get to auction it on their website and they will buy it at a high rate of its value and you get paid to your bank account.

Another of them is CardTonic, who allows their users to trade their gift cards in exchange for Naira. With these two platforms, you are sure of making money from the sales of your gift cards.

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