Paga is an effective and fast mobile payment medium that enables people to transfer funds, make and receive payment through their mobile device.  It was introduced in Nigeria to ease transaction and to enable mobile user make transactions without visiting the bank. Also, the introduction of Paga comes at a good time- the time of cashless policy. The advent of Paga mobile payment platform has made money transfer from one person to other easy and straightforward. Paga allows mobile phone owners to transact with convenience on their device.  Paga offers Numerous services among which are online mobile phone recharge, transfer of fund to any Nigerian bank and can be used to settle bills such as GoTV, PHCN, Montage, swift Internet, Startimes and so on.

Aside the individual online mobile platform, financial transaction on Paga can be done through Paga Agents that are available all over Nigeria.  Before we move on, we need to give explain in details who a Paga agent is and their role. To start with, A Paga agent is an approved retailer who has undergone relevant training to render Paga services to customers. A Paga agent receives commission on every successful transaction performed. Not only that, A Paga agent is also entitled to bonuses and other incentives.  The success of a Paga agent in any location is dependent on the frequency of contact the agent has with people around and also, the ability of the agent to gain the loyalty of customers either through the Paga business or any other business.

The role of a Paga agent in Nigeria are listed below

  • Rendering help financial help to customer
  • Processing Cash withdrawals
  • Registration of New customers
  • Performing Transaction on customer’s behalf
  • Loading Customer’s Paga Account with cash

      Steps to becoming a Paga Agent in Nigeria.

To become a successful Paga Agent in Nigeria, there are few steps you need to take. This article will take you through all the required steps that you enable you become a Paga Agent in Nigeria.

  • Log on to Paga website-
  • Navigate the site and click on “become a Paga Agent”
  • You will notice an Agent interest form on the right side of the webpage. The interest form will require to fill in your details- title, first name, surname, preferred contact number and another contact number. It is compulsory to fill the first three details which are first name, Surname and preferred contact Number.
  • Check whether the information supplied is accurate. Once you have ascertained the authenticity of your supplied details, you can click on the submit button
  • Once you submit the form, you will wait for about two weeks to enable Paga team approve your application. You must note that registration and filling of online form does not make you a Paga Agent, you have to be approved by the Paga Administrator.
  • You will be provided with the needed information once approved
  • You are advised to contact Paga Team through [email protected] if there is no feedback after a period of two weeks.

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