The value of stocks are determined by many factors. One of which is the amount of dividends a company pays. This article will explicate some highest dividend paying stocks in Nigeria (in no particular order).

Dangote Cement Plc

The company started operation in Nigeria in 2007. It has spread to several other African countries. It is quoted on Nigeria stock exchange with the ISIN NGDANGCEM008.

This company is one of highest dividend paying company in Nigeria. the revenue of the company moved from 615.1 billion naira in 2016 to 805.6 billion naira, representing 31% increase.In the same year, the company made a net profit of 204.25 billion naira compared to 142.86 billion naira, representing 43% increase.

As at 16th June, 2018, the value of Dangote Cement share stood at 227 Naira per share it has authorized and outstanding shares of 20 and 17 billion Naira respectively. In 2010, the company paid and average of 2.1 Naira dividend per share. The amount rose to 10.5 Naira in 2017. Dividend per share currently stands around 11.65 Naira.

Zenith Bank Plc

The bank became a public limited company in 2004. It ranks amongst the highest dividend paying firms in Nigeria.

It recorded a profit (after tax) of 177.9 billion Naira in 2017, compared with 129.7 billion Naira recorded in 2016.

In 2016, the bank paid 1.77 Naira as dividend per share to her investors. However this figure increased by about 72% in 2017, to 2.45 Naira per share.

Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc

in 2017, the company recorded a revenue increase of 20.4% (204.45 billion Naira). The company paid 60 kobo per share in 2016. The figure rose to 1.75 Naira per share in 2017. Relatively, Dangote Sugar is ranked among the highest dividend paying companies in Nigeria.

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

It is one of the strongest banks in Nigeria. The value of the company’s share as at 16th June, 2018, stood at 39.65 Naira per share. The value of the share however dropped by 0.75% to its current state.

In 2017, the board of Guaranty Trust Bank recommended a dividend of 79.5 billion Naira to be paid to her shareholders, after profit before tax of 200 billion Naira was recorded. In all, the total dividend paid in 2017, was 2.7 Naira per share.

Nestle Nigeria Plc

It was listed in Nigeria Stock Exchange in 1979. It now has over 31,000 Nigerian shareholders.

In 2008, the company paid 13.67 Naira per share as dividend. By 2017, the value has increased to a staggering 42.5 Naira per share.

Cadbury Nigeria Plc

Cadbury shares have been suffering some hiccups lately on the floor of the Nigeria Stock Exchange. Despite making some profits in 2017, her share declines. Notwithstanding, the company posted dividend value of 16 kobo per share in 2017.





African Prudential

United Capital


Mansard Insurance

Transcorp Hotel

Wapic Insurance

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