The indicator provides 80% accurate buy and sell signals and can be applied on any time-frame. However, due to the noise in the lower time-frames, i would recommend using the indicator on the 1 hour charts as the least. The interesting thing about the indicator is that it doesn’t re-paint unlike most indicators do, which is a vital factor when back-testing its performance in previous market activity.


Another important thing is money management, i realized most traders are in a haste to make riches and wealth in trading the FOREX market, which is a wrong orientation. Please make sure you don’t use more than 3-5% of your trading capital. Also from my personal view, i think its better to trade off one currency pair e.g GBP/USD or EUR/USD. Trading multiple currency pairs could cause much draw-down which can trigger negative emotions.


Draw-downs result mostly from ranging markets since the indicator is built for trending markets. In other to use the indicator more effectively, it is best advised to use the signals when in line with the general trend of the market, so as to reduce false signals. However, this doesn’t mean this is the holy grail, there will surely be loss trades in trading no matter how perfect an analysis or signal is.



Lastly controlled emotion is the most important ingredient in trading. This is the best element needed to be a successful trader. Master your emotions and you will be invisible. Download the indicator below.





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