This indicator is called the FS30 signals indicator.
If you have been looking for an easy way to trade without complicated trading strategies and systems, then i believe you would find this indicator very handy.

It is a trading signal indicator that displays arrows on your mt4 charts.
These arrows simply imply buy/sell directions.

The indicator gives an alarm bell once the arrows are displayed

The signals are accurate and it does not re-adjust or re-paints its signals.
It works perfectly with any time frame and currency pair.
Better performance has been seen on the EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD pairs.

forex indicator

From the indicator chart above, the simplest way of trading with this indicator on any time frame would be to execute a trade when you get the entry signal, either buy/sell and exit the trade when you get an opposite or exit signal.

Signal indicator

Always make sure you stay with the trend and use appropriate stop loss for every trade you enter. Using a trailing stop would also be a wise decision to take.

Attached below is the indicator for free download

Forex Signal Indicator


  1. This is something that is available to us at literally no cost.
    These units are programmed by the experts in Forex trading who can build up strong software which would work as in indicator in the system.
    These types of information determine the environment and actual currency price
    enabling you to trade wisely.

  2. Also the dealers in the OTC forex markets have an unfair advantage over the on-line day traders with modest
    accounts as they always get a far better value than what they offer to their consumers and they
    know where all the stops are also.

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