The G-trend indicator is a trend indicator that analyses market trends on multiple time-frames varying from 1minute to Monthly charts. It can be used for various types of trading style ranging from scalping, intra-day swings, long term positioning’s or minutes after news economic release. If properly used with discipline as I would be describing in the next paragraph, there is sure guarantee of profits at month ends. Though it is a re-painting indicator as 80% of Forex technical indicators repaints due to the high fluctuations of price in the markets, but if blended with useful tools like the Moving Average or Stochastic, false entries can be screened out.


When the indicator shows a Green color in any time-frame, it means the current trend in that time-frame is a buy. If the indicator shows a Red color in any time frame, it means the current trend in that time-frame is a sell. Yellow color shown in any time-frame represents a neutral trend which means that buyers and sellers are at equilibrium hence there’s no clear direction.


As i said earlier, one can filter out bad signals by adding the Moving Average or Stochastic indicator. I usually love to combine the G-trend indicator with the 55 Exponential Moving Average whereby if I get a buy signal, price must be above the EMA and if i get a sell signal price must be below the EMA.


The 1minute to 30minutes time-frame is prone to more re-paints due to more price fluctuations and noise while the 1hour to Monthly time-frames are less prone to re-paints. Scalpers could make use of signals when the 1minute to 30minutes are all showing the same color, this means the current trend in these time-frames are all synchronized. However, intra-day traders could make use of signals when the 1hour to Daily is all showing the same color. Position traders could make use of signals when the 4hours, daily and weekly or monthly are all synchronized towards the same trend.


Another useful and profitable way taking trades with the indicator is to wait few minutes (3-5) after a high impact News is been released with the 1minute to 1hour time-frames all showing the same color towards a particular direction. I usually recommend a 20pips stop loss for this and 20-40pips take profit. Download below and good-luck!



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