Thinking of going into forex trading as a source of additional revenue, or for a full time source of income. You may have been wondering the necessary requirements before starting a successful trading experience. Having spent the last couple of years trading on the market, i have compiled some of the necessary requirements you might need before kicking off:

1. Personal Computer system (Desktop or Laptop).

Though a Laptop would be preferable as you may have to be mobile at times. These days the mobile Computer devices are getting popular with more and more traders are adopting them as first option over the conventional computers.

2. Stable internet connection.

You would need to have a reliable and fast internet connection in order to get latest currency quotes on your trading platform at all times

3. Stable Power supply

The Forex market runs 247 from Monday through Friday, so you need to be available at the markets during these period especially when you are currently on an open trade. Adequate power supply is necessary to ensure your availability at all times.

4. Starting Capital

This is your investment that you be trading with. Forex trading is risky, therefore only trade with a risk capital

5. Forex Broker

To start trading Forex, you would certainly need the services of a reputable Forex Broker who would provide you with the platform to start trading. Careful considerations should be taken before selecting a broker as there are lots of brokers out there with different and varying trading conditions that could make or mar your Forex adventure

6.  Education

Finally, you would need adequate training, practice and Forex education to be able to make it real on Forex trading. Training is one of the most important ingredient you need as this would let you know the kind of trader you would become, the kind of trading strategy you would use and so many other inputs that would determine you overall success as a Forex trader.


I have only compiled a list of the important requirements that you would need to start trading, there are still many other factors and requirements that i may have omitted, please feel free to get more knowledge about the forex market, before trading with your money.

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